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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Swinging Belleville rendez-vous! Marathon dancing doop de doop! Vaudou Cancan balais taboo! Au Belleville swinging rendez-vous!

Okay 2 things.

1st thing: the Gorillaz have a new music video out. The animation as usual is simply stunning, and equally so is its integration with fantastic 3D animation.
Here is the link: Gorillaz Box Office. Select the poster on the far left (next to the tiny scared man) and type the password "elbanana" in.

2nd thing: Bunny drawings! :>
I did these about a year ago when I was working on an uber-violent bunny cartoon that eventually got scrapped due to bad voice acting and incompetence.

If its not obvious, these were very tiny sketches.

Thats all for today. A bunch of scribbly bunny drawings.


Rob said...

That bunny is clearly Win and God, Zeeks. RobW want more.

Eleanor said...