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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Let the storm rage on. The cold never bothered me anyway.

Sorry about the lack of posting.

It's not that I'm not around.
I'm basically online every day.
It's just that I have little to say.

No news is good news I suppose, even for a pessimist such as myself. So, what's new? What have I been up to? Well I animated a couple of new CATFACE episodes for Weebl.

I think I posted the previous one.
Hmm what else.
Oh I started working on a new painting.
It isn't done yet, obviously.

Christmas came and went. I got a fantastic pair of TT Games Esports headphones from my brother as well as a new CD drive for my rig. I also got myself a GTX-680 graphics card about a month before that so I could run METRO LAST LIGHT on max settings. It was well worth it.

What else has happened?

So Survarium the so-called "spiritual successor" to the long-dead S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series is out. As a fan of the STALKER franchise and the works it was inspired by, and the works it has in turn inspired, I was very VERY excited for this.

Unfortunately the game is now in open beta. And uh. Well. It's basically another crap call of duty clone but now in a vaguely STALKER-esque environment. It honestly sickens me. And now that I've beaten Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light I pretty much have nothing to look forward to in terms of good atmospheric first person shooters.

At least the creators of "Nightmare House" mod in Source engine have a new mod coming out. But until that happens I'm relegated to the usual Killing Floor, Warframe, TF2, Dota2 ferris wheel.

What else.
Oh it Mike's birthday a few days ago. Rachel got him a portable e-cigarette thing.
And then a couple days later we all went to the fair.
I spent money before XMAS to get myself a very nice CANON VIXIA r400 model digital camcorder. It records in TRUE HD and is very nice. So I brought it with me to the Florida State Fair to record things.

If you've seen any of my previous videos with the old camera you should be able to see a noticeable rise in film quality. I am very pleased with it. Plus it supports audio input meaning I can attach a microphone to it.

I'm off to hang out with friends and maybe see the Lego Movie.
Good day.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Like the gummy worms you get on Halloween. This is different though, it's healthy.

Don't get caught up in the....CROSSFIRE!

So as per usual with these, here's a breakdown of what I've been up to.
For starters, I've been making a few cartoons for Weebl.

I made this cartoon about robots fighting in a bar.

And this new episode of Catface about Catface playing board games.

And then weebl sent me some audio and gave me a couple weeks to basically just sort of do whatever I wanted with it. Which resulted in this:

Besides that I also made a new video on my own Youtube channel.
It's about DOTA2 which if you have not subjected yourself to the regular anguish and pleasure that is DOTA, then this video wont make much sense to you.

The clip is uses is from the television show, GAME OF THRONES. I did not watch Game of Thrones until my friend Mike sat me down and forced me to. After watching a couple episodes I quickly decided to blaze through the entire series three seasons in about a week. I haven't been so enamored with a program since Frasier. It is fantastic.

Some weeks ago, some of the cast from the show were at the Tampa Bay Comic Convention. My friends Mike and Tom met them and got autographs. Tom also brought back a fantastic board game called SMALL WORLD. It is fun as fuck. And I'm not just saying that because I manage to win almost each time we play. It's like the perfect halfway point between Settlers of Catan and Risk.

What else? OH!
If you're familiar with Egoraptor, Rubber Ross, and the Game Grumps then you don't need to click here. Of course if you aren't then you SHOULD click there. Go on! IT WONT BITECHA! Ross is making a new pokemon flash movie. And I am doing the backgrounds! Cool eh?


And here's the biggest news of all.


So Yeah.
Get excited.
Here's the link. BOOM. 
You might have noticed that Dustbunnies is now hosted on tumblr.
That is because as time passes, Google continues to fuck up blogger.
Its weird in a way.

Google does everything so competently for such a large company.
And then you look at what they've done with Youtube and Blogger.
And all you can really do is sigh.

Can't win 'em all I guess!

And now we end today's post with this beautiful footage from the TI3 finals of Dota2.
Wow look at Dendi play Abaddon! And it what Admiral Bulldog as Visage? WOWZERS!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

With a poison twist!

Alot of stuff has happened since my last post.
Alot alot alot.

So much in fact I was actually sort of dreading making this post just because oh good god there's so much shit I need to post.

Let's start with something  minecraft-related since most visitors to this blog come here for that. A couple years ago I did a piece of fanart for Mojang, the company who develop Minecraft. It's a fanart piece that got really popular very quickly and before I knew it Manny of Mojang had contacted me wanting to commission a new full piece. Two full pieces were made. Each very large and at least 6000 pixels wide for EXTREME SHARPNESS.

I was paid and they kept the rights to the two images. One of them is the poster that is sold in the Jinx online store which I've linked to before. The other for whatever reason never saw the light of day. I'm not sure why it never did, it was just as good as the first image. Part of me things they forgot entirely. This was right before Minecraft experienced its MASSIVE SUPERNOVA OF POPULARITY.  After that Manny told me they'd contact me again to make them more art if I wanted to. I said yes since I was, and still am, a fan of minecraft.

The main image was later made into a full-size mural which sat inside the Mojang offices on their back wall. Alot of images of notch, jeb, and the others sitting and working in front of the mural have been on the internet for some time. They moved into a new very suave office building recently and I have no idea what became of the mural. I can only assume its gone now since it was basically wallpaper.

They never did contact again which always made me sort of sad, but they did start to commission work from a few other obscure artists which I thought was quite nice. Long story short, as I was picking up smoothie ingredients with my friend Mike in WALMART today, we walked by the posters section. Walmart has always had a section where posters are sold. Usually its full of old promotional images of spongebob everyone has seen a few hundred times, bad modern day alt-rock bands, wrestling, movies like THE CROW, and scantily clad women with more plastic in their bodies than a stretch armstrong.

However as I passed by I noticed something familiar!
My mural!
Being sold in a Wal-Mart along with the other commissioned art pieces.
I had to snap a photo of course.
For those curious, YES, that overweight arab terrorist standing next to the poster is me in my Tuesday Best. Those bulges you might mistake for manboobs are actually tightly packed bundles of C-4.

So there's that.
I officially created a product that is being sold in Wal-Mart. Inbetween Iron Man 3 and Twilight Sparkle posters. While in retrospect I should have probably signed a thing so I could get like 1% of each poster sold or whatever, I am still quite proud of this achievement. Being a Wal-Mart product means I am now part of what makes this nation great.

~rtil: weird
@reptilicus: i am now a thing sold in a walmart
@reptilicus: i am a piece of american culture now
@reptilicus: like jesus
@reptilicus: or hamburgers
bigarmybug: and guns
~rtil: walmart; bastion of american culture


Speaking of Minecraft, I pretty much had to ignore everything internet related for a few weeks because I was TREMENDOUSLY BUSY. When I'd gotten back there was a new hero in Dota2 and Minecraft now has horses. Horse breeding, horse riding, horse combat, skeleton horses, zombie horses. I get to spend some time retexturing all these for my texture pack. Fun fun fun!


But wait! There's more!
Last time I posted on this blog I had done a cartoon for Weebl called Yorkshire Inception.
Well since that time I've made TWO new cartoons for weebl! Both are part of the WOBBLE BOX series on his new HUHA channel. Huha is a big collaboration channel where weebl and a whole bunch of other humor and animation people make stuff together. Sometimes I help!

I made a cartoon about H.R.Giger for Wobble Box 3. I implore you to watch the whole thing, but if you really just want to see my part because you're some sort of diehard fan of mine (hyena_laughter.mp3) then skip to about 2 minutes and 40 seconds in.

A couple weeks later weebl sent me a longer bit to do about a superhero named DEK LASER. The cartoon has been split up and serves as a bumper between sketches in Wobble Box 4. However Wobble Box 4 does actually begin with the first part of Dek Laser which is neat! Weebl wanted it to be in a retro style so I went all out on raygun gothic stuff as much as I could. I only had a week to do it though. But I'm still pleased with how it came out.



The final two episodes of Happy Harry's BEARSHARK cartoons premiered on College Humor! Theres also now an official BEARSHARK Nintendo 3DS game!

So heres the two eps that premiered.

And as always, here's some high res pics of some the background art I did for these.
For the "Old" episode I tried to take a cue from the backgrounds in Courage the Cowardly Dog.

And the ones from the ghost episode are next.

So theres that.

You might think: "Oh man, theres no way this fat bastard can possibly fit even MORE stuff into this post."

Well you'd be god damn wrong, motherfucker.


Yes, there's MORE.

I recently received news that I may be losing my house soon!
Which means I need more money!
Which means I might open up for commissions.
Which means after 9 years of staying away because its a shitty website, I re-joined DEVIANTART.

So yeah.

Here's my new deviantart account. Don't expect much and you won't walk away disappointed.

Sunday, April 07, 2013

How can it not matter to you where that train will take you?

During the previous episode of Catface there was a very low quiet noise that came from the tv that sounded like a tv show. Well it actually WAS a tv show. Weebl recorded a whole minute and a half of amusing dialogue that he then gave to me. So I spent a week and a half animating it.
And here it is.


In similar news, the latest episode of Bearshark has finally gone online.
As with the last two, I did backgrounds while my friend Bug did the animation.

And as with the last couple of these, here are some high res images of some of the backgrounds I did.

In other news, Killing Floor and Red Orchestra 2 are now part of the Humble Indie Bundle. Meaning that Killing Floor is currently overflowing with newbies who don't understand how to kill a scrake or fleshpound or siren and keep buying the wrong guns for their class perk. On the other hand, maybe people will finally play the aborted fetus that is Red Orchestra 2 for once.

Spiral Knights also had a big update recently. All the games menus have been redesigned and look pretty lovely although a bit too large. They also finally nerfed the most unfair monsters in the game: Devilites.

Also Nintendo revealed the next Mewtwo.
It might be called Mewthree or some shit. Who knows anymore, really? I like it's design. Mewtwo was always such a lanky creepy looking motherfucker. And this new thing is even lankier and creepier with its sloth-toes and headtail.

That's about all I have to talk about.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Clambulance! Clambulance!


So so so.



New CATFACE came out today that I animated.

I also decided to finally go through some shamefully old files and .fla's today. Found some ancient cartoons including an unfinished .fla for MEAT GRINDER which is one of my...better old things. I uploaded a three of the old films to youtube. One is on my MindyMindington account and the other two are on the usual ZekeySpaceyLizard account.

On top of that, since I had the .fla handy I decided to export some high quality screencaps of Meat Grinder. For sentimental value. From a time when I was far less busy and far more creative.
Some of these could be desktop backgrounds I suppose.
I'm still proud of some of the design decisions I made for this film.
Looking at screencaps for this reminds me how much dull grey pink and cyan I used to use in films. I still use those colors alot. Not sure why. Some psychological thing I wager.
Still a very icky scene, the nose removal.

One of these days I want to remake this film.
I also found an old old art image I made in flash of some sort of colorful jungle.
I thought this thing had been lost to the sands of time. It's VERY old. Originally if I recall it was a Mother's Day gift.

Remember how in the last blog post I posted a piece of concept art for a Magical Trevor thing I never ended up working on? Well, here is some more Trevor sketches I found when trying to nail down a style for the film that never came to be.

I really need to update Dustbunnies.
The old Ducktales game is getting remade, Keeper of the Light got nerfed, and I have been reintroduced to the heavenly flavor of Toaster Strudels. Good times.