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Monday, January 01, 2007

Every time a bell rings, an angel gets its wings.

Happy new year.
And such.

Last night my old friend John W took me, Nim, and Raph to a party in Brandon city.

Much drinkage of raspberry bourbon, gold-shlauhger, rum, and Clearsta then occured. I also got to see some boobs. So it was a fun night.

Of course, all things have their consequences. I feel like shite this morning, and its raining and gloomy outside. I get to close the next two nights which is really going to suck. Tuesday shifts are the worst shifts. Monday's are slow, thank god. I need time to rest my brain.

My new flash animation of the working title "Meat Grinder" is coming out splendidly well. The few people I have shown it to are all in agreement that its the best thing I've ever done, and that its scary. Which was my intention.

I was hoping I would get it done before the year was over. But here it is, january 1st, and I am only nearing the end of the first Act.

I've hesitated working on it recently. I am at a rather difficult scene that I honestly need to keep perfect. Its a rather icky scene, and I am still juggling ideas about how best to get it done so that it looks good and doesn't drag on and manages to be as shocking as I hope it will be.

My local sports team, the Bucs, were looking for a flash animator. I sent a resume type of thing, but I got back one of those automatic emails "thank you for your interest etc" so lord knows if the person looking for the animator will ever see it. I suppose there must be a few other flash animators here in the Bay Area. I mean, logically, there must be at least a few.

cheesecake for breakfast.

always a good thing.

my friend Tom got drunk last night as well at a different party. and proceeded to insult us over the phone and tell us Joey was his one true friend. which shows how drunk he was as Joey abandons Tom rather often whilst the rest of us haul him about.



Adam said...

As far as I know you're one of the best there is, unless there's some kind of huge obsession with flash in your area. Good luck with that.

Adam said...

(PS. This is shutupdangit)