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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Fine, brush your own teeth. We're going to eat our juicy starburst in our wetsuits.

Been working on the Joey flash for the Ilaugh short film contest.
I am quite pleased with how it looks thus far. Trying to cram in as much frame-by-frame type animation as I can while not making it the focus or letting it take away from the silliness and "jokes" if I can call them that. "Gags" might be a more accurate description.

Either way its funny (to me at least, which isn't saying much) but hell, if it gives me a chance to earn some decent cash and maybe get out of this hole I'm in, I'm gonna make this the best thing I can possibly muster with craptastic mouse-drawing skills.

Speaking of....

Behold this strange senseless drawing I slapped together while watching Ghost in the Shell:

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