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Thursday, March 15, 2007



Is that not awesome?

Why is it when CGI cartoons are made by small groups of people (Pocoyo) they usually look a million times better than most theatrical CGI movies? It should be the opposite! :[

Man, what a depressing day.

I cant even think of anything worth typing about.

So here's a bunch of (mostly old) drawings made back a while ago.

I am so tired of everything. Ugh.

I bought the horror film "Dellamorte Dellamore" today for a few bucks at a gas station. Hopefully it will be better than the crap I watched last night called "long since dead" which was just....basically Final Destination without the cool stuff.

Haha, I found this old drawing and felt I needed to scan it. Cause it aint half-bad. Particularly compared to the crap I've made since I drew it.

Old design idea for a cartoon I never made. Probably never will. Mainly because it was boring as shit.

The Fantastic 4 as little bean people.

Old Mojo Jojo fanart piece I did. Man I miss this show.


Random crap:

^^^ He reminds me of actor John Mahoney for some reason.

.gif transparency does strange things.

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