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Friday, March 02, 2007

We bring ze verld new order!

I get to work a lovely 8-hour shift tomorrow with someone who hates everybody.
Aint it great?
Part of me wants to just not go at all. But then I'd lose my job and have to go and get NEW job at a NEW crummy establishment where I get to act like I'm a retarded robot all day.

But today was my day off, so I managed to get quite a bit accomplished.
I even managed to scribble out and scan some drawings today.

I dont know what or why or who those are. Just an amalgamation of weird disproportionate characters and things all mushed together.

And then I redesigned Mario.

Redesigning video game characters is always fun.
God knows why.

Ghost Rider sucked rather hard btw. The first half of the movie was great. And then Blackheart came down. And rather than being some badass demonic entity, he was just some emo kid in a trenchcoat who looked like he dropped out of the casting call for some Blade ripoff.
Very disappointing.

Tideland came out.
Saw it. Was knocked out. What a fucked up, yet brilliant film. Noone makes a movie like Terry Gilliam. And that is why he is awesome. Who else can make a movie about a family of heroin addicts who move to the country, the parents die of an overdose, and the daughter becomes the girlfriend of a retard who dreams of blowing up trains while his bee-hating mother performs 'services' for delivery men.
Fucked up. Yet vastly entertaining.
My favorite film of his, next to, of course, the majestic Baron Münchhausen which I could watch a million times and never get tired of.

I saw Open Season yesterday. It made me sad. :C

Still working on the Joey cartoon. I get the feeling its going to suck, like the rest of my sad little repertoire of flash animations. I just gotta keep thinking about the prize money.

Flash Drives are the greatest things ever created.
And in case you haven't heard, MP3 is dead.
Its not dead now. But it soon will be.

Mark my words. In a year or so, we're all gonna be using OGG VORBIS files instead.

There's a storm a-comin'

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