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Saturday, June 30, 2007

(Ping Timeout)

"Only demons should fear me. And you're not a demon are yah?"

That quote from this movie always scared me.
Crazy people.
Always entertaining and yet unnerving all at the same time.
Well. In a few days, as sad as this might sound, I will know the direction my life needs to take. It splits, like a Y into two possible paths. One path is success at something very important occurring on the 5th. This something determines if I will ever make something worth making on my own. Something that might actually get me hired doing what I love.

The other path is not success. However it's not really failure either. The other path determines if I remain stuck here with my kiddie scribbles in a job I dislike until I am horribly old and can afford to do what I enjoy.

Sadly the decision for these paths, is not mine. It belongs to someone else. Someone I don't personally know. A group of someones. I know not how they will react. Will they like that they see? Will they pass over it as so many others have?

In other news.
Apparently John Cena (the wrestler) lives here in Florida. And apparently lives right nearby. It's not a rare occurrence to see celebrities here. Hulk Holgan, Marcus Jones, Samuel L. Jackson. I have seen them all firsthand. Whilst in an airport, a limousine driving next to my car, or perhaps wandering around the Blockbuster video.

Last night my friend Eric ran over a possum in his car as we passed a Sweetbay. Tore off half of it's face. And the three blind infant possums scattered across the road. So he continued driving. And then arrived at Mike's house. Where the three of us then drove back quickly to see if we could perhaps save the baby possums. Short answer: no.
Smashed baby possums all over the road. With the mother quivering in the grass nearby, letting out it's final death breath.

The we had a delicious pizza covered in jalapeños.

Also, I put my WITCH DOCTOR music video on Youtube.

I really should do more vids to music by the Cartoons. All their songs are so catchy. I've been feeling the urge to paint the legendary Mothman. I think I shall at some point in the next few days.

Anyway, good day. (hi sparkpro).

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