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Thursday, June 21, 2007

These floors are dirty as hell, and I'm not gonna take it any more.

UHF was on today on Comedy Central. What a rare treat! One of the few times that channel wasn't showing the South Park movie or reruns of Reno 911. How's that for a kick in the pants? One of the oddest things about the film is how different Weird Al looks without his mustache. It changes the whole look of his face so much, you'd hardly believe that the before-and-after were the same man. Other than the frizzy jerry-curl haircut and the Hawaiian shirt, of course.

On another subject, I am quite convinced that the "little lad" from the Starburst commercial is possessed by Satan. Look at that dance. No human being is that nimble. Look at his eyes. Like snakes. Oh yes. He doesn't just want your fruity cubed candy. He wants to gobble the very essence of your lifeforce itself.

Speaking of adverts.

Helio. Anyone seen the commercial for these things? They're absolutely brilliant! These strangely adorable yet completely alien little hovering droids play with a product called the "Helio" which appears to be some sort of all-in-one beeper/phone/internet/bluetooth/walrus machine. These robots live in a strangely barren gray little world whilst really catchy electronic music plays during their exploits. Lets see if I can find these on youtube or something, eh?

Now I am not entirely sure what a Helio is. But then, I'm still foggy on what a "podcast" exactly is as well, which shows you how uninformed I am about technology.
I suppose if I had a job I enjoyed (hahhaha :/) and had some money (alot of money) to blow on gadgets that will end up collecting dust in my room, I might vaguely consider this one. I don't have a cel phone. So you can imagine how behind the times I am.

Anyway, enough gabbling on about crap.
Time to update the readers of this blog (all two of you) on progress on my next limited-animation attempt at entertainment.
I bring screenshots.

This cartoon is coming along rather well. Slow slow slow progress. But well. In a few more days, Ratatouille will be in theaters, and the animation contest will be judged. As pathetic as this sounds, I have some big hopes for this contest. If I can win anything, it means I'll have the money to travel, and get a good animation job. FatKat animation studios (who are featured on ColdHardFlash often) are "interested" for lack of a better term. But to work there, I gotta get to Canada. Something I won't be able to do, if this contest falls through.

I hear those new "Pebbles" commercials are done in flash. If so, DAMN. Cause do Fred and Barney ever move smoothly and fluidly in those things.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot.

I drew a coughing demon thing.


Rodrigo said...

Oi, achei teu blog pelo google tá bem interessante gostei desse post. Quando der dá uma passada pelo meu blog, é sobre camisetas personalizadas, mostra passo a passo como criar uma camiseta personalizada bem maneira. Até mais.

Anonymous said...

Is this the best blog on the internet? I submit that it is.

Sparkpro said...

Just when I thought everybody had cell phones. I actually hate those helio ads simply because of the "DON'T CALL IT A PHONE OR BAD THINGS WILL HAPPEN TO YOU." crap, and I never see the need in getting those types of phones. I just have normal cell phone and does everything I need, which is calling people and receiving calls at my convenience, and all the extra stuff seems useless to me, but that's just me.

With that animation contest I can only see you losing to three of those other cartoons. (biased opinion)

One more thing: When you say getting to Canada, do you mean moving there and taking up residence in Canada?

ZSL said...

Not permanently. Simply going there to train, then coming back down to Florida to work from my current "residence"
No way in a thousand years would I ever be able to afford a house. :/

Anonymous said...

honestly i can't wait to see the cartoon when you're done.. as a fan of your's i'm awaiting the arrival with bated breath

not to sound creapy or anything