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Sunday, September 23, 2007

I find a little giggle-gas before we begin increases my pleasure enormously.

A "set piece" from the Joey's Bright Idea flash cartoon misfire.

I had rare access to a printer that day. And since I like mixed media, I quickly sketched this to add in.

As some of you (David) may have noticed, I have joined the new internet phenomenon known as widgets. Or gadgets. Or baskets. Or woogles. Or piggles. or somthing.

Little useless applications that somehow work on pc's, blogs, cell phones, and those little handheld laptop things people carry around.

A few nights ago I attempted to program my own flash-based music player using actionscript. And once again, I was reminded how much I hate and loathe actionscript and online tutorials.

I think I must have gone through like 10 or 12 of them before I realized NONE could explain what to do in a language simple enough for someone of non-genius intelligence to comprehend.

I signed up for a website that lets you make a little custom one. Cute isn't it?

All the music you are hearing is from my partner-in-crime, the enigmatic musician known as Mentally Detached.


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Anonymous said...

In spite of having a clock on my dresser, my wrist, and in the corner of the screen, I find myself coming to your bloog to check on the time.