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Monday, November 05, 2007

Sweet beans in a basket!

So today I am posting some fanart of one of my most favorite movies in the whole entire world.
The Adventures of Baron Munchausen.

The original super team! An old legendary character, like Paul Bunyan, who was brought magically to life on screen in 1989 by famed director of twisted movies, Terry Gilliam.
Gilliam, the only american of the Monty Pythons, is also an animator. He did all the cartoony bits of the Python's multitude of films.
There's alot of horror stories about the film production of Baron Munchausen. Accidents, people getting hurt, budgets running out, nervous breakdowns. Every ounce of blood and sweat that went into the movie is on the screen though. Action packed, beautiful, and hilarious.
God I fucking love it.

Its like the Neverending Story, you know? A looney fantasy world you'd love to be able to visit. The kind of world that can only be brought to you through books and film.

My friend Mike has purchased a new album. Nightwish has a new CD out. Their lead singer got kicked out of the band. And seeing as a loud operatic female voice defines the band's music, I figured that was the end. But they found a new singer, she can sing really well, and their new album is very very good. Of course, if you don't like Rock/Opera, you wont like Nightwish.

I have the next 3 days off work. (woo yay). Which means I have time to catch up on alot of things I need to do. I gotta do an entry for a contest on AlbinoBlackSheep, finish this scene in Polypeptide, save the earth from an asteroid, cure cancer, do backrounds for the final "Dailytoon" at the StarSyndicate.

In other news I got to see a lovelt film recently. I used my free employee rental to get a movie called AFTER.
The moment I looked at it and read the description, I knew it would be something I'd like. It contained urban exploration AND music by the Chrystal Method.
And guess what? I LIKED IT. For being, what I assume was, an independent film, it seems to have had a decent budget. Great cinematography, and crazy Tony-Scott-esque cinematography made it a very bewildering, and ultimately very frightening movie.
A spooky atmospheric action movie that takes place deep in the abandoned sewers and metros of Moscow.

Good stuff. And really good acting by the 3 people starring in it. Believable and professional. The only off-putting thing about the movie, was when people who were being killed by the military, started exploding in a crazy golden light and disappearing. It looked like blurry fairy dust. Why dead people turned into crazy fairy dust, I do not know. Other than that, a good movie for anyone who likes weird David Lynch type of things, except making alot more sense than most Lynch films.

Hey Squirt, how about saving a few of those jawbreakers for Uncle Eddy?


Ryan said...

Yay for Baron Munchausen.

Anonymous said...

That AFTER film you mentioned seems pretty awesome. I love Urban Ex. I'm deff going to rent this soon.

Huhuhuh, Buttered toast.

Sparkpro said...

Thanks for making me feel uncultured yet again.
Good luck with those hyperboles of yours.