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Thursday, September 11, 2008

when the drains finally scab over, all the vermin will drown.

Wow I just saw something on tv for a product called Swing Zone Sports. What a ripoff of the wii. Its a small white remote you waggle at the tv screen to play some bad graphics sports sims. The remote even looks like the wiimote.

So I think I should show you guys where I got hired.

bork bork bork

I'm actually working on a small project for him right now.
Which you can see here:
weebl and bob

A very nice chap as I imagined. I just sent him a 'finished' copy and am currently waiting for his critique. I made the silly mistake of putting both weebl and bob on the same layer which made it take a bit too long to get it to him.

Flash CS3 is a strange strange beast. It certainly has alot of errors and takes forever to do anything.
The filters are kinda neat.
And best of all, both CS3 and MX work together on this machine and dont interfere with each other.
I watched a movie tonight called Brotherhood of the Wolf.
It was pretty neat. About a bunch of libertines in a French province hunting some sort of devilish monster (The Beast of Gevaudan) that devours women and children and seemingly cant be killed.
It had heaving bosoms, sword play, ninja indians, gore, and a very cool cgi monster which didnt appear until the latter half of the film but was totally worth it.

And for those who wont bother to see the film, SPOILER ALERT HERE COMES THE MONSTER

now sadly there's no good pictures of it online.
here's the few I found:

this is mani, the ninja indian, looking up at the beast

here's a painting of it from sideshowworld
this is pretty accurate

and another screenshot of the beast and its master

honestly it looks alot like Samiel from the first Hellboy movie.

take samiel, make his legs all the same length (since the beast of the movie is actually a tortured lion or some other large cat) and get rid of the head tentacles.
And you've basically got it.

And now you know.

And speaking of horrible beasts, I have made a new painting.

And uh

Its kinda weird.
I really wanted to paint something that makes the viewer feel kinda uncomfortable without resorting to violence or sexual stuff.

Also I wanted to give off that feeling that looking at an abandoned city does. When you see empty buildings in a city that noone lives in.

blah blah blah here it is

"Mercy is for the Weak"

yes I actually named a painting for once.

This has nothing to do with me, but my friend BigArmyBug made a demo reel. He's much better animator than I and is now looking for work.

Also my friend Red Mongoose has redone his website
behold it here
and if you want to hear his musics go here. Each image on that page is a zip file link of one of his albums.

ooh the season 2 finale of transformers is on. If only all the episodes looked as nice as the finales. oh well.

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Pinao212 said...

Hey, now. Not all republicans are like that. I look at all the facts/evidence.

Anyhoo, congrats on working for Weebl's Stuff! 'Tis exciting indeed!