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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

spah sappin mah sentry

I've been playing Team Fortress 2 alot as of late.

Got me a steam account (as opposed to using my brothers).

I usually play as the Soldier or the Pyro.

I quite like the Pyro.

Probably because I like watching things burn.

See ya in 2Fort.


Now why suddenly pick up the bad habit of ridiculously addicting frag-a-thon pc online gaming?

Well you see, Mike has a new PC which he built with Raphael. They got top of the line everything from NewEgg and this pc is a smoking bastard. He can play anything at the most high quality graphics he wants and theres never a stutter in frame rate or anything.

And so what were the first things he installed? World of Warcraft, Left 4 Dead, and Team Fortress 2.
I dont play MMORPGS, because it'd be a waste for me. I watch my brother and friends play it and all I want to do is have them stop so I oogle at some bitmap or texture or npc creature or monster.
It amazes me what Blizzard did with that game and such low poly counts. And WOW has some REALLY low poly counts. Seriously go back and play Banjo Tooie or DK64 and then WOW and see how similar the polygon count and the resolutions on the textures are.

The new expansion however, frozen throne I believe its called, actually looks nice. Like somewhere between Dreamcast and Gamecube/Xbox graphics. Its an interesting change.

Either way, Mike's been playing lots of TF2. And so have I. And so I decided "Hell, I wonder if this thing could run on my comically slow pc"

Now my PC is old and slow as shit. And despite having an upgrade not long ago (ie, more ram and an ATI Radeon 200 graphics card), its still a slow hunk of junk.

But, when I have all the graphics in TF2 set to their very lowest, the game runs fine.

And that is the story.


Jerry Chan said...

I saw a picture of a white board a while ago (while Blizzard was developing warcraft 3) of a legless skeleton pleading "Got some spare polys?"

I guess they weren't kidding

Pinao212 said...

Hey, I used to use my ATI 200 card! Had to run all steam games at lowest settings as well. I'm too cheap to upgrade just yet.

Recently a friend was throwing away their old computer so I scavenged the best parts, so I can now run stuff on the second lowest graphics :P.

I'm thinking Alienware for a new desktop. They have some niiiice stuff. Just need to make up the cash.

Anonymous said...

Team Fortress 2 is AMAZING, and the pyro is the only offensive class I can pull off with any skill... probably because aiming isn't so important. Mostly I just medic around. Thanks for the new desktop!!!