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Thursday, April 30, 2009

But do I bid you become ghosts or plants?

free cookies. Is there anything better than a free cookie and before you think about it the answer is no. No there is not.

This is because a cookie is the perfect dessert food. It's customizable, can be fattening or full of vitamins. Can contain fruit, vegetables, and even meat. It can be any size or any shape. But the main detail is that the cookie must always be baked, and must contain sweetness and flour and milk.
It is both a tasty snack on its own and yet also a vessel. A vessel for chocolate ships or perhaps macadamia nuts to enter one's mouth.

Which is exactly the purpose of these cookies. As they are full of macadamia, peanuts, and occasionally hearty chunks of beat up chocolate. Why are they free you ask? Because a wizard made them. That's why.

Macadamia nuts are fantastic. I wonder if they are just as sweet and tangy and crunchy when they have not been baked into a cookie. Because if so, then what a fool I have been to have ignored them for so long.

No news to report. Still waiting for certain payments to roll in from various jobs. Hopefully soon.

Gerkinman saw the Basics at their show. Apparently there were some hecklers. That makes me sad inside. :C

My microphone has broken. Or something. Everything I record in it sounds like crappola. It was never a GREAT mic but it served its purpose.

My friend Billy and I have been working on a game. I've posted pics of it once or twice. Anyway I asked him the other day if he could code my website idea. I tried wordpress the other day and it just about killed me. So I sketched up an idea of what I'd like my website to look like.

Nothing complex obviously.

I finished a very very important scene in polypeptide. I am now onto the grand finale. Am I happy? Yes I am. The date upon which this tumorous abomination from my imagination can emerge from its nidus draws near.
Right now the only hard part is trying to decide which piece of music to use for this very tense and somewhat disturbing scene.

Then I just need to add the scene with the wizard. I need to draw a cool grimoire for that scene.


Jeff Cook said...

I'm looking forward to Polypeptide, mate! Liking what you've shown so far.

Pinao212 said...