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Friday, June 05, 2009

freedom is the right of all sentient beings

So E3 just happened. I was very pleased. Nintendo easily made up for last year's incredibad show with a lot of new shit that looks great. New mario galaxy (now with nice 3d grass and prettier graphics and FUCKIN YOSHI HELL YES), a new 2d Mario Bros, which is great since the DS one is probably the best game on the DS. A new Mario and Luigi rpg, and a new Metroid from the Team Ninja people.
There was alot of boring and stupid stuff as well. Like a plastic condom for your finger that plugs into your wii which takes your pulse. And some really bad looking DS games that look like they were financed by Oprah's book club. However a late-announcement of a new Zelda game where your sword turns into some weird fairy person thing made up for that.
Microsoft showed footage of 2 new Halo games with graphics that look much improved over Halo 3. Not that Halo 3 looked bad, but it wasn't quite at Gears of War quality of visuals. Then they had Peter Molyneux come on stage and debut some wii-wannabe thing that causes your X-Box live avatar to have a seizure and twist itself into an ungodly position. By far the highlight of e3.
Sony showed off another wii-wannabe thing. Then a brand new version of the PSP which actually looks very nice and very SLEEK. After that footage of a new God of War and an incredible looking new Final Fantasy MMORPG.

MUCH better than last year. MUCH. Still no kirby though. I think its proper to officially claim that Kirby Adventure is never gonna come out. Considering this trailer for it was released near 3 dang years ago.
I cant imagine WHY though. It looked like it played just like Superstar in 3d. And it looked nearly done, judging by that trailer. And its not like Duke Nukem 3d where they're in danger of running out of funds. Its bloody KIRBY. Thats like Perkin's running out of fucking pies.
Hal Laboratory has managed to pump out 3 other kirby games since this trailer. I think it's safe to assume at this point that it is vaporware.

The saddest kind of ware. ;_;

Also, and somehow I missed this, but Square-Enix bought Taito. I have no idea how long ago this happened but its great. Taito needs more support. They even have a new Adventure Island and Bubble Bobble out already. I know it wont ever happen but I'd like to see a revival of Liquid Kids (the arcade game that time forgot).
But then, there's ALOT of arcade games made by SNK/Neo*GEO/Taito/Playmore/Hudson that everyone's forgotten about. And it makes me sad. Namco puts out a "collection" of their same 5 classic games every freakin year. But everything else is forgotten. Or is mildly referenced to. Like Samurai Showdown characters appearing in other fighting games.

I mean really look at this. You'd think with the sudden rise in popularity of 'cute' games like Kirby, Klonoa, Bubble Bobble, and Starfy that a port or remake of games like this would be all over the place. The New Zealand story too. YOU OWN THE RIGHTS TO TAITO'S HISTORY OF ADORABLE MASCOTS, SQUARE. I hope they do something with them. Ah man, Starfy. TOSE are a friggin great developer who get no respect. Like Treasure. I should get that new Starfy game hmmmm

Blah blah blah blah blee.

Things have been slow. Other than working on Polypeptide, I somehow managed to get myself involved with a MASSIVE painting. A painting of the Zodiac. Which means 12 paintings within a painting. Perhaps my most epic work. Its very nearly done. But it is a slow process. Mainly because simply opening the file makes Windows lose all its virtual memory.

I wish I had some preview art or a screenshot to post but I really don't.

So instead, here is a pelican.


oh snap update

The Basics EP is out with my art on the album take a look BEHOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Pinao212 said...

Aww... I want a Kirby Wii game! With multiplayer like Superstar!

Not that Crystal Shards was bad, but I want to play a main game with my friends.

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