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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Quick for god's sake cut out the lights. They'll know I'm here. They'll know and gnaw right through.

There was a crooked man and he walked a crooked mile.

I have come to horrifying realization recently.
I have not updated anyone who comes here one any of the animation I've been doing recently.

For starters let me get this out of the way, YES, polypeptide is on a bit of a hiatus. This new cartoon I'm making for Weebl and Skoo is a complex little thing and it takes precedence over polypeptide.
This does not mean however you should no be looking forward to it! OH NO! QUITE THE CONTRARY!
This thing is coming out beautifully (at least by my low standards).
Its chock full of alot of traditional animation done in flash (much like polypeptide, bench, and clownshow).

Really its just an excuse to make something as sick and violent as we could. Its incredibly violent. Like more violent then this thing that I made nearly 4 friggin years ago, now.

Theres no real plot to it. A rubber hose little fellow comes into a bar, the bartender jokes around with him, and the little fellow proceeds to viciously maul, lacerate, and slaughter every able bodied patron in the bar.
Much blood, splatter, and carnage ensue.


Anyway here are some screenshots:

heres the main character doing a little dance

and here is how he enters the bar

his cheese slides off his cracker

he hugged this man far too hard

this shot came out so good. this dudes hat even floats to the gound.


remember that clip i posted of the guy gettins his face torn in half? well here's what happened to his face afterwards.

eventually the lead gets a hold of a pistol and blasts his way to the next floor.


So there you are, a quick glimpse into my next big flash.
However I did manage to get some really good shots done in polypeptide before this project came along.
So for those who care, heres a glimpse into what I was doing in poly.

I was really hoping to finish this short this year. Its going to look really pathetic if I tell people it took me 3 years to make a 10 minute long cartoon. I'll have to lie to look less pathetic, I suppose.

One day it'll be done. One day.

I think I'm going to start drawing people from the internet I actually LIKE(a short list) and start posting them here.

Here's a drawing of Shaye Saint John. If you dont know who (or more accurately, what) Shaye is, then you should probably watch his videos here. WARNING: you may find yourself simultaneously repulsed, disturbed, and entertained by this thing.
He stopped making vids two years ago.
Creepy stuff.
Anyway, I drew him.


Time to race around City Trial mode for a bit.

FYI: mix soybean sauce into salsa before you put it on nachos. Thank me later.

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