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Sunday, November 01, 2009

In Wilbur, Washington, it's illegal to ride an ugly horse.

Happy Samhain!

I hope your haunting hour of pagan hallowed horror was rife with alcohol and candy and possibly both simultaneously!

So how did I enjoy this year's Dia de los Muertos?
Sacrificing small animals in the name of Iblis?
Slashing my face with a bone knife and covering it in soot whilst howling at the moon?
Digging up an unmarked grave and dancing on the remains while chanting the lyrics to 'One More Time' by Daftpunk?

Well unlike last year, I didnt have to work!(yay for me!)

So heres what I actually did:

I wore a hoodie that looks like the mask the joker wore during the intro bank heist in the dark knight and I handed tiny Twix and Baby Ruth candies to all the kids who came to the door.

Then once the hub-bub died down I showed Borat to my father and have since been watching The Shining (the original Kubrick one) while playing Team Fortress.
Thats not to say I haven't gotten any work done.

Because it is Halloween I decided to do an art request on the backalleys irc channel. My friend and longtime compadre Ukinojoe wanted me to draw him The Lorax (with the Onceler as well) so I decided to give Seuss a shot.

I'm actually pleased with how it came out:

Unlike alot of my 'fanart' you can actually tell what it is. Wowie Wowie Wow!

Speaking of Lorax, I think Sony animation studios are doing a remake of it or something.
I hope that:

A.) they manage to recreate the look of Seuss as perfectly in 3 dimensions as Blue Sky did


B.) you never see the Onceler's face

Speaking of fanart, I made this little team fortress 2 comic the other day.
Fanart is a strange thing, isn't it? As artists we make it, knowing full well that none of the people who made the thing we love so much will ever see it (seuss has been dead for two decades now), or even really care (cause they dont need to). And yet, we do it anyway. Why is that? What defines that compulsion? Whatever it is its been hitting me hard lately. I'm thinking of making a blog where I draw every single pokemon. Yeah. HOW DUMB IS THAT. BUT I'LL DO IT.
I'm off topic.
Heres that comic.

Speakin of TF2, Valve did a lovely thing. They added in a new hat. A hat that you can actually earn. And they also made Harvest (which I personally think is a fantastically well balanced map), into a crazy halloween extravaganza. Full of tomb stones, exploding pumpkins, and best of all, a non-playable new character. The Ghost of Zephanniah Mann who floats around screwing up your aim.
I am quite enjoying my hat:

these enjoying the update as much


However thats not the coolest thing that's happened lately, no sir. No the coolest thing lately is that I got to try Kinder Surprise!
Whats Kinder Surprise? A european candy with an incredibly disturbing advert.

They dont sell it here in America. However my brit friend Lenko has been telling me about how good they are.

I noticed the other day that Mr.Dunderbach's (which is full of German imported goods) carried Kinder surprise.
SO, I bought one!

And I am glad I did. Imagine, if you would, a giant cabury cream egg. EXCEPT instead of having weird gloopy goop inside its hollowed out, with a sort of odd minty white chocolate lining the inner walls (or at least thats what it tasted like) and then inside of it was THIS:

mein gott! un jaune capsule!


holy shit a red crazy faced pencil topper eraser totem pole!

Yessir. With this pencil topper the shorties will be bouncin with me and my crew in no time. Hot diggity dog!



I feel there was something else important I needed to type here.




oh wait.

I added a new link list the far right bar of this blog. Its full of my art and animation buddies who have their own sites.
My other link lists have been getting so long, I felt I needed to start splitting them up and organizing them even though I'm the only one who clicks em. :)



Anonymous said...

You can get Kinder Surprises in Canada too. The toys were a lot cooler ten years ago.

Johnny Coolguy said...

Zeketh the Outer Reptilian,

I have a video I think you'll like.
Click the link in my name to watch it.