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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

What is good? Whatever augments the feeling of power, the will to power, power itself, in man.



and now back to your regularly scheduled blog

Mildly interesting stuff happened in the last few days.

    * i got scheduled to work at a store in another district of town. then they canceled my shift and never told me until i arrived.

    * my brother got me into eating Ramen again. i'd forgotten how good it was. so i bought myself a 12 pack of beef-flavor ramen. i'll be adding garlic, oregano, cheddar, and olive oil to it. i've heard cracking an egg into it is good as well, but i dont know when to toss it in. feel free to put your own ramen recipes in the comments.

    * i met a friendly and talented animator named Aardvark Butter who made this lovely music video.

    * i got some lovely footage of water cascading down a plant near my front door into a puddle.

    * Battlefield Heroes managed to piss off it's entire fanbase. Everyone who played it moved to Team Fortress 2. There are terrible new players everywhere.

This has been a good week in art for me.

My good friend Bug drew a cute picture of the pyro from Tf2. I liked it so much I decided to color it.

And hey.


Here's some big news!

I made a painting that isn't shit! YEAH. It's been a while hasnt it? And not only is it not shit, it came out pretty GREAT.

Like seriously.

Its so good you can't even tell I made it. I have no idea HOW I made something as cool at this painting.
But I am really happy that I did!

I painted the Flatwoods Monster. A mythical urban legend of a beast that's managed to sneak its way into lots of various media over the years, much like its brethren, the mothman (my favorite), sasquatch, jersey devil, jumping jack flash, and the lizard man.

It's nowhere near as cool as most urban myth monsters, in terms of backstory. Some nutcase saw what was probably an owl. However, it always had such a weird and unique design.

And last night I felt the passionate urge to make a painting that depicted it as scary as I could make it.

for the quality level my stuff is usually at, you have to admit, that came out pretty sweeeeet.

if you wish to see a less blurry jpeg of this painting (it was originally 7mb), you can see it here.


I watched THE THING again the other night.

My god, that movie is still fantastic. And it achieves more with puppetry than pretty much every horror film in the last few years has tried to achieve with gore and special effects.
A real feeling of terror. And yet, its so entertaining to watch. And it has Wilford Diabeetus Brimley. And Kurt HolyShit Russel. And Keith Mofuggin David.

And so many monsters.
Such a wonder, that film.

I had perhaps the best Pita in the world today AND YOU CAN MAKE IT AT HOME!

1.) get a flat pita/tortilla

2.) pile in some fresh deli turkey slices

3.) cover in a chipotle pepper dressing

4.) apply tomatoes

5.) apply cheddar cheese sprinkles

6.) apply shredded lettuce

7.) apply MORE chipotle pepper dressing





I think I'm out of crap to type about. So, I leave you with this image.


Anigen said...

wait a sec, bug did that? originally when i told you your style would mesh well with bug's i thought you were the one who drew that! i guess either bug's style is just really recognizable or im a fucken style genius B)

in any case this was a good blog. i also liked the part about battlefield heroes. when i was playing tf2 my uncle whom i lived with at the time always scoffed at and said heroes was better. i told him heroes was a shitty piece of shit and tf2 was much better. we finally agreed to disagree.

and now i am proven right. for all eternity. fuck you, uncle i lived with. i am the fucking king.

also hello

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, what the hell?! That picture scared me.

Anonymous said...

Great paint brah.

Anonymous said...


Griffonzo said...

Saw your picture of the tf2 Soldier. You deserve a medal.......or a farm.