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Friday, February 26, 2010

Reason, but it is so poorly executed that you might better call it Folly.

Today's post was brought to you by the letter $

Which is to say, today's post is WHORETACULAR with a side dish of GREED.

Why is this?

Because a hefty hefty hefty chunk of today's post is devoted to new crap I am selling online and a wimpy wimpy wimpy chunk is devoted to....well....whatever other drivel I ever type in this confounding overblown text editor.

First on the list, I feel I should mention that I made some "new" posters a few weeks ago.

All of which are composed (he said as if they werent copy and paste) of elements from cartoons that at one time were popular!

(clicking the images links you to the page of the print, where, if you like them, you can edit their size, price, paper they come on, etc).

Faktory. This is a from a shot where a pie is shot out of a cannon.

Experiment 04. First cartoon me and MentallyDetached ever collaborated on.
Experiment 04_1 print

The Cyclops Hivemind Snake Creatures from Experiment 04.
Experiment 04_2 print

Shot from Experiment 11. From the scene where the poachers fly their dirigible back to their weird red cannery city.
Experiment 11 print

The dropoff chute from the same cartoon.
Experiment 11_2 print

Exiting the city. If you squint your eyes it almost looks like stylized modern art.
Experiment 11_3 print

Cycloposaurodon. Long ago I got the immensely dumb idea to try to make a book of monster designs. I think I got about 5 done before I realized I had not imagination! HOWEVER! I thought this one came out pretty nice.
Cycloposaurodon print

Now these are all but footnotes in what I am about to show you.
Remember how for the last couple of posts I've mentioned I've been working on a big secret thing that I wasn't allowed to talk about? WELL GUESS WHAT, MOFUGGAZ? I can now! Because they have been opened to the public.

I have designed shoes! Brightly colored shoes that fell out of the 80's.
They are by Ked's and you can get them in whatever size you want. I think you can also change how the designs are situated. Even what kind of shoe it is. Theres a whole crazy editing feature on each of their pages.

Anyway, ENOUGH TALK, LETS FIGHT. And then look at shoes.

ANTACLE A. Octopus face on the opposite side.
Antacle A kedsshoe

ANTACLE B. Cycloposaurodon on the opposite side.
Antacle B kedsshoe

Antacle C. Now with more lyrics from obscure cartoon movies.
Antacle C kedsshoe

Banana Shoe. Because it's yellow and orange. hurf.
Banana kedsshoe

Zombiz: The Shoe. Now with "freshly undead" scent.
zombiz kedsshoe

That nearly covers it, for whoring myself. I've put some other stuff up besides these things lately. Feel free to take a look. It's better than a kick in the face!

But not by much.


I bought the supplies with which to paint this skate deck. Brushes, acrylic paints, and gloss wood finish.
I will probably start on it tomorrow.
Expect photos.


I also made a new art piece, my first in rather a while.
It's not great but I'm a lumberjack and I'm ok.



Filmed another scene for Paranormal Placidity tonight.
Gonna play Killing Floor in a minute or so. LOADZA MONAY.

I think that about covers it.