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Friday, April 30, 2010

Newell and Sons

This blog post is very long.

Alot of shit has happened in the last couple of weeks.

For starters I'd like to say that, once again, the internet has sickened me. The Looney Toons are coming back. In hand-drawn form. With new designs that aren't very different from the originals. And people are actually upset. Look at this and this.
First off, I'm really tired of artists slinging around as broad a term as "construction" and using it as an easy out to whine how they hate something without going into detail. I see it all over the place and the term lost its meaning a long time ago. It's like using "hipster" "pretentious" or "Mary Sue"
Secondly how is it people are angrier about a Looney Tunes redesign that actually keeps the characters designs mostly intact and their personalities the same, then they were about the FUCKING TRAVESTIES that were THIS SHIT and THIS SHIT.
You'd think the news that the Looney Toons are coming back to TV and is being made by artists again would make people happy but good god, the amount of butthurt this has generated is amazing. I mean that one picture of Bugs and Daffy alone, while it has a rather icky backround, is already way better than an entire episode of one of those "Daffy tries to kill Speedy Gonzales" later toons that noone liked that had limited animation that made an episode of the Hillbilly Bears look like freakin Destino.

Anyway, rant over. However good the final product is, I'm sure Cartoon Network will waste no time canceling it to make room for "Kool Kids do Kool Thangs: The Show" or some new Thugaboo creature.


In other news, I've been doing alot of freelance work as of late.

First things first, I've been doing art and backrounds for a series of flash games from these guys: Bardo Entertainment. Who are some of the nicest peeps I've worked for.

Second things second, I've been doing backrounds for a game a friend of mine is making for xbox live arcade. Will it be good? WHO KNOWS.

Third things third, I came to the realization that I never posted a picture of the skateboard that I painted. So here is a photo of it before I added varnish. For those who ever wondered if I paint without the use of a computer, here is your answer.


Something else interesting that happened the last couple weeks was a huge event that happened on the Minecraft server that I frequent.

Clampaste made a map where half was flat and half was mountains. And I guess someone realized this was perfect for a recreation of Minas Tirith.

And I took pictures of it as the days passed.

Here it is as a larva. Small, barely recognizable, full of farts. To the right is a walkway I built out of tree stumps.

Here it is with stairs and battlements. Starting to shape up.

At this point, word got out all over the various chans and such that the creative minds of the server were building one of the most amazing things ever made in Minecraft. So people started flocking in droves. Mostly to grief it because people are terrible malcontent scum online. But a few creative ones began to help building all the smaller structures within, and soon the structure blossomed. Trees, were planted as well. ALWAYS I WANNA BE WITH YOU.

Before long, a battle took place. Complete with little orcs and nazgul and oliphants and such. The city itself was INCREDIBLY complex and someone even went through the trouble of building Osgiliath.

And I went through the trouble of building Sauron's eye. Which was later destroyed because, the game is exploitable and insecure. (we've been hacked like 5 times this week.).

Pictures alone however don't show just how complex this city and structure was. So, using the power of Camstudio (free but shitty recording software), I made this youtube video of me and PizzaDoctor running through the city.

Speaking of youtube and camstudio shenanigans, I made a clip of animation I still liked from an old awful cartoon I made.

As you can see, I still havent figured out how to record sound with the program because apparently my fancy RealTek headphones and speakers dont comply with Camstudios crappy software.

Anyway before I go, here is a new screen from Polypeptide. Yes I'm still working on it, too.

Also the Kick-Ass movie was way better than the comic and you should go see it.

I'm going to go play some Left 4 Dead city17 now.

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