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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

a bunch of baby ducks. send 'em to the moon.

for those who have not seen me and my friends new short film:

I will continue posting this thing until I am certain you have all seen it. >:C

Dum dee dum dee doo





I totally forgot about this email I got some time ago.

The nerve of some people:

Not much else to talk about. Going through craigslist looking for work.
Hey new bioshock gameplay trailer is out.

Looks godly:

Anyway, nothing much else to talk about.
Gonna go update the comic.
Good day!


Felix said...

FINE I'LL WATCH YOUR DAMN MOVIE. Seriously, what's with you and bees?

pauljs75 said...

Thanks once again for being awesome.

I'd invite you over to iscribble one of these days just for the potential comedy value... Or at least one freaky random collab project. But I suppose you're too busy Minecrafting to care. That's more than understandable though.

And at least your bees weren't nefarious enough to be nesting in the frame of the back door to your house. DIE BEES! DIE!!!!

Oh wait, they did.
A covert night operation with a tube of powdered permethrin and a can of foam insulating sealer helped make the former nest into a nice tomb. Not so much drama though.