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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

every time you think, you weaken the nation

So the inception cadbury thing is done.

I think this one is my favorite, if only because of the trombone people dancing around stupidly. That was fun to do.

Doing one making fun of Michael Cera films next.


Hey you remember how in my last blog post I showed off that little personal project where I was reskinning minecraft? Well. Since that time several weeks ago, I did a complete overhaul of the project, simply because I enjoyed the results of what I had already done.
So I redid everything. Every monster. Every texture. Every animal. Every menu. Every button. And every icon except maybe 3 of them. I also put in a little bit of mod support. Theres alot of very cool mods for minecraft. Sadly alot of people can't run alot of them. Either because they are incompatible together, take too much memory, or because the creators are obnoxious and refuse to explain how to implement them.
Regardless, I added support for one of my favorite mods called wildgrass. It makes grass grow on grass blocks.
One of those things I always hope will one day be added officially into the game, much like how the new smooth lighting system was added recently. The sidegrass mod needs to be added as well. Or Bettergrass. SOMETHING. I wouldn't mind the anti-alias mod being official either but considering what a memory hog it is, I doubt that will ever happen. My fancy can-run-crysis-and-metro2033-on-max-settings-DX11 gaming rig actually has huge frame rate dips when they have the anti-alias set too high. FOR MINECRAFT.
Anyway, with the depth of field mod that allows anti-alias and wildgrass mod, I took some very sharp new pictures of my reskin in action. I'll be honest I'm pretty fucking happy with it. It always feels so good when an art project goes well.
Anyway BEHOLD screenshots. Here's what minecraft looks like normally for comparison:

And here it is with my reskin and fancy-smancy forced AA and depth-of-field mods.

I did so much that after my friend plasticfir, who helps run the server I dick around on bothered me about it, I decided to even go through the trouble of remaking the original video advertisement for the texture pack.

If you want it, here's the most up to date version:


Speakin of youtube crap, the most amazing thing has happened! No, 'fred' didn't die in a fiery explosion. Even better!
Someone finally uploaded ZOOM.

What is ZOOM? Something I have talked about at least twice on this blog. It was a short animated film that Nickelodeon back in the late 80's and early 90's used to play between television shows as a bumper.

As time went on and Nickelodeon forgot why it existed and all the old ads and bumps went off the air, we've been lucky to live in an age where not only have these been put online by nostalgic fans, but there's even entire webpages dedicated to such things. Go look up the old Toonami bumps. I'll wait.

Anywayz, ZOOM was based off an art book. The artist has the original film online but its a tiny quicktime file. And I DO mean tiny. Like maybe 80 pixels wide by 50 high. Plus it's missing the catchy piano melody that was the score.

So you can imagine my immense pleasure when some wonderful person who managed to record this by accident onto a VHS tape and a decade later decided to upload it on youtube.

So here it is! If you're around 22-30 years of age this should seem familiar!

You'd think tv stations would put super-sharp old bumps on itunes or something for a small fee. I mean it'd basically be free money.


Willva films said...

=) yeah i remember seeing Zoom on nickelodeon when i was little.

Right before rockos modern life, i can even imagine rockos theme playing right after this.

Thanx for sharing zekey =)

shura said...


Isaac said...

Nice, thanks for putting up Zoom.

Even nicer is that texture pack, its my current favorite. Only one thing I think is kinda bad and thats the steel doors (I love the wood ones). Could you make it so its less like a prison and more whimsical like the wood ones?

Anonymous said...

You're very welcome for the upload -- I did it for people like you.

Take care. All the best.

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