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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Stand back boys, I'm welding.

People listen attentively
I mean about future calamity
I used to think the idea was obsolete
Until I heard the old man stampin' his feet
In the afterlife
You could be headed for the serious strife
Now you make the scene all day
But tomorrow there'll be Hell to pay


Other than an annoying computer virus this has been a pretty great week.


I shall tell you. (skip to the bottom for cool art news)

For starters the finale of the cadbury cream egg Goovies is done and up on youtube. Weebl liked it so much he offered me a raise on all future projects! hooray!

Secondly Valve has been prepping the great event that will be Portal 2 with all manner of various gobbeldygook. Starting with a very pretty comic that connects the events of portal 1 to portal 2. On top of that they've been ritualistically releasing videos to promote the game using J.K. Simmons as Cave Johnson. They are all hilarious.

On top of that Valve has been up to their usual ARG shenanigans with promos in other games. However this time it seems everyone is going all out. The game THE BALL got a Portal 2 themed map. What the shit!?

Most importantly, as if to quietly admit how much better than left4dead the game Killing Floor is, Valve and the developers at Tripwire Interactive have released a great new Killing Floor map that takes place in the world of Portal 2!
Holy fuck!

Behold screenshots.
Normally this screen says Aperture Science but for this map it says HORZINE which is the scientific facility that created all the horrifying mutants you kill in Killing Floor.

Here, a Skrake (a very tough slow mutant with a chainsaw for a hand) has just finished killing one of my teammates in a portalgun testing chamber. I was already dead. Thanks, Skrake!

I wonder if Tripwire made the assets in this game themself or if Valve donated some. It's VERY pretty. Both devs love their industrial complexes.

Glad0s personality core spheres are the shop inbetween rounds. Glad0s also talks throughout.

"ooh what's in heeeeere?" - glad0s curiosity core

what? who's this!?

Oh it's the Team Fortress 2 Pyro fighting zombies and mutants with a bunch of military mercenaries and Horzine employees in a Portal2 map in the PC game Killing Floor. 3 CROSSOVERS AT ONCE. My god.

mmmm delicious industry

I love being level 6 support. Oh winchester hunting shotgun. How I love thee. And wish to make sweet love to your barrel.
oh god.

And now audiosurf has portal guns and companion cubes bouncing around in it.

Oh and another reason this week has been great, the team at Mojang (minecraft) finally released pictures of the art I did for them which they made into a cool mural right in their main development office area! :O :O :O :O


(you cant see it here but in the bottom right is a guy going into cardiac arrest from finding a massive diamond)

this is the original chunk of the image that was a fanart piece I did quite some time ago that got rather unexpectedly ridiculously popular.

He's not actually raging at the fact his minecart is about to hit lava, he's actually raging at all the FUCKING CASUALS around him that aren't also flinging themselves into the lava. FFFFFFUUUUUUU

the spider just wanted shelter from the harsh winter biome.


Anyway now my schedule is free (mostly).
I can start getting some real work done on this project for Bioware I can't talk about yet and continuing to train myself how to use Blender. And work on Polypeptide again FINALLY.

Before I go here is a another painfully early screenshot of the WONDER KNIGHT game me and my friend Billy Monks have been working on.
This picture highlights the new per-pixel lighting engine he got working the other night after many hours of frustration.

And I have nothing else of interest to yak about.

(this is the dance I am doing this week but much slower because I am fat)

update 4/14
edit 4/14

oh hey two new pictures are out of my art in the office
Here is notch himself sitting near it with someone I think is Jeb.

It amuses me that there is a refrigerator company named "Smeg"

I also noticed today my pageviews are in the 500-600 count which I can deem somewhat unnatural. Then I noticed some of the Mojang staff linked to me on their twitters and also apparently there is a large thread on Reddit about this. (im glad someone likes my taste in music).

I can't upload the image as a desktop wallpaper sort of thing, guys.

Sorry, bros.

It is technically a commissioned (i probably misspelled that word) piece of art. It is up to them as to if they wish to share it. They own that version of the image!

The good news is Carl Manneh of Mojang is going to make it available as a poster/print thing at their shop where they sell their shirts at some point. I'm curious if they will put up the version they used on their wall or will put up the alternate version I made. Or both!

(i made two images of that scene. the continuous one and another where its divided into 3 parts, the center everyone is familiar with, a nether scene, and an underwater glass house scene all side by side).

Anyway so yeah. There it is!

That said, if you guys really want a 'desktop' sort of thing I made, there's always this:

Although it's not nearly as nice since it's a product of me dicking around in adobe flash when I was bored. Still, maybe someone will like it.


J said...

record yourself dancing or else i wont believe it

also grats on your minecraft mural its badass

Willva films said...

=) Ace man, grats on the HUGE poster at mojang =). Also the bob dance sequence is AWESOME, worth a good laugh =)

VisitorsFromDreams said...

I concur with J's dancing statement.

Frank said...

Can you please release the full image? We [] have the middle section, but would love to make a full desktop wallpaper for it!

Love your art!

Thanks so much!

Ben said...

Are you able to offer the print you did for Mojang for sale somewhere? I would love to have one on my wall! Albeit slightly smaller.

alecwieland said...

I love that mural you did for Mojang's office. It's so full of fun little details, I could probably stare at it for hours.

Any chance you could release the entire image? I'd love to have it as my wallpaper.

Per said...

I want to buy that print you did for Mojang!

Wrew said...

I want that mural.

Alex Stan said...

That mural is gorgeous. Please release it in various forms.

James said...

I LOVE that mural or Mojang. Would love it to be released ^^