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Saturday, October 29, 2011

ace deuce craps wants four

It's been another month since my last blog post. Remember when I used to do these like every couple of weeks or every week or so? Yeah.

Anyway I have a legitimate reason I haven't been able to post as of late. Actually a few reasons.

For starters, I finished a new cartoon. Well...sort of finished.
For the last little bit now I've been collaborating on a minecraft film with my good friend Willva. The goal was to make it look sort of like the mural I did for Mojang's main office. (which they are moving out of soon so I assume the mural will cease to exist in the near future).

Anyway, the film had to be done by a certain date so we had to rush ALOT of it. Plus I went to New York during its production and lost alot of time. So, while the film may be done, it's very scribbly looking and we're going to be redoing alot of it.
Enjoy these free screenshots of unfinished footage:


Simultaneously my boss Weebl, hooked me up with a job with the BBC. It's a very short comedy cartoon of sorts. That also has taken up alot of my time lately. It's also some of the most complex symbol-based animation I've ever done. It's also not coming out very well as I have no idea what I'm doing. You'll see it in the future. Maybe on TV.


However the thing that took up most of my time lately was my trip to NEW YORK CITY.

First off. New York is amazing. It is every bit as weird, filthy, beautiful, amazing, hideous, fantastic, and awe-inspiring as every tv show or movie has ever portrayed it.

I stayed in my friend Alicia's apartment. It was a very small but cozy 6 foot wide room that she, her two roommates, and a cat all live in on Staten Island.

It was a 20 hour drive. 10 hours of driving per day. We were there for basically 3 days. I took my S.T.A.L.K.E.R. costume with me in the hopes I'd get to wear it at the con. That never ended up happening because we usually ended up having to walk a rather long distance to get to the con and my costume was extremely heavy and bulky.
Maybe I'll give it another shot at Megacon in Orlando.

Anyway, the con was amazing. I went to the Superjail panel. Pendleton Ward the creator of Adventure Time was there. Me and Mike talked to him for a few minutes. Mike begged him to bring back the Cat of Approximate Knowledge while I tried and failed to impress him with my knowledge of animation voice actors.

K.C. Green the creator of gunshow, Horribleville, and Anger Pauly said he was going to be going to the con and just wandering around. Being a creepy fanboy/stalker/futuremurderer of Mr.Green, I quickly recognized him when the poor chap was just trying to get some dinner. The next day I found him again near the rice-boy table and proceeded to bother him some more. Being the nice chap he was he drew even more scribbles in my anime club book.

I had real new york pizza which is incredibly delicious. A real new york hotdog with saurkraut on it. Also tasty. Saw chinatown. Saw little italy. One of the best things was I went to this tiny TINY little cave that is also a bar called the Rabbit Bar. Me and Mike and Alicia all got drunk and one chap in the bar recognized my minecraft shirt. We all got to talkin and as it turns out he's a filmmaker and we gabbed about Vegas, and Premier, and Aftereffects and such. He has a nice simple website and a vimeo page where he's put stuff he's helped make.

I also met the guy who makes Rice Boy. It was rather disappointing. Not cause it wasn't cool but cause I didn't know he was going to be there so I didn't have my riceboy book for him to sign. He did however have a small edition of the first few pages of his new Vattu comic. So he signed that and I nabbed it. He also had a drawing of the pokemon Scraggy on his desk that K.C. Green had drawn for him.

Jared Fletcher was there promoting his webcomic Stranger Fictions. He and Alicia and I got into a long conversation about the webcomics industry. Which is rather funny considering nobody reads my shitty comic yet I act like I have any authority to discuss with these people.

He also linked me to a friend of his who does these odd things.

These people were also there. Selling little sculptures and art. They also have a very nice art blog. Alicia got a very cute shirt.

I also met the creator of a amusing webcomic about aliens that I had not heard of. You should check it out.

I also picked up what might be the laziest, shittiest modern day comic it has ever been my misfortune to read. It is so laughably bad that I am going to devote a whole blog post to tearing into it. Normally I wouldn't do this for an indy comic but, well, just look at the website. I have never seen so much product placement behind a single issue of such a terrible comic. I have not seen something so deserving of getting shat on in a long time. You'll see what I mean when I scan some of the pages of this thing and reveal what utter tripe it is. It's IMPRESSIVELY bad.

On my way back south I visited my good friend BigArmyBug at his house in New Jersey where he had busted his leg. I also showed him that Frombies thing and he also felt it was amazingly shit.


Anyway nothing else to really report on. My friend Hot Diggedy Demon has a sweet gig making animation for the MEGA64 guys.
He also recently plugged my old Spooky Scary Skeletons flash in his blog. He's a good guy.

Anyway, Happy Halloween. I'm going to see Paranormal Activity 3 in a few days and hope it doesn't suck.


Anonymous said...

Haha be sure to upload the Frombies scans soon. The website is hilarious

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