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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

who wants to be the pied piper?

Where are you christmas?
Do you remember,
the one you used to

The Yuletide is upon us. And as traditional, tv stations are showing all manner of christmas movies and christmas specials. My friends Tom & Mike had an idea for a Christmas special, and after chowing down on pasta at a local greek restaraunt, we headed to Mike's parent's house to film THE BEST CHRISTMAS EVER.


It is the season of giving.
And if anyone is reading this blog, I need you to give to a friend of mine.

My good friend BigArmyBug aka BUG aka BucketGhost.
He was run over by an SUV while on his motorcycle a couple of months ago. He doesn't make much at his job and the expenses are piling up.

These are some arts he has made in the past.

Anyway. In order to make some extra dosh he has opened himself up for COMMISSIONS.

So in summary:

Please help my friend BigArmyBug pay off his hospital bills this christmas by commissioning him to make art for you! Please!


Merry Christmas

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