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Friday, April 27, 2012

angely i demony kruzhili nado mnoj

roatary engine

Not been up to much lately. No real work or anything.

Haven't updated my dustbunnies webcomic in quite some time. I should probably do that.

Anyway. Got some things to show off in terms of "oh hey I accidentally stumbled upon a small amount of fame" sort of way.

For starters as some may or may not remember (most likely not) I did an iphone design for the company Swarovski under their PLAYBLING banner. Well the Hong Kong Electronics Fair happened recently and my design was on display with a bunch of others! Hooray!

Mine is the bright orange one that has 1 eye.

Another interesting thing that has occured was this thing found by my good friend wolf pupy.
Apparently at some point there was a limited-edition Minecraft XBOX 360 made that had my art on it. Much like the poster on the JiNX website, I don't think many people know I'm the one who produced the image.  

It appears Notch also signed it. So this must be from pre-release Minecraft before Jeb became the new Captain of the S.S.Minecraft.


These odd trivial meaningless achievements out of the way, lets discuss something that's actually VERY important. Youtube subscribers. I'm joking of course but my pal Lagamuffin did discover recently that I hit 1000 subscribers. So I burned down my house, ate my parrot, and produced this fine film to commemorate the occasion:


Also I managed to force myself to pop open some of my art software and scribble some drawings. So those of you who have a thirst for terrible art will soon find yourselves quite slaked. Those who come here for art that isn't fanart of cartoon shows will find yourselves quite thirsty.

If it's not entirely obvious what these drawings are of, then clearly I am getting even worse!
I quite enjoy all 3 of these cartoon shows. If you don't, well it's pretty clear to me you are in need of counseling and will live a sad and pitiful existence!

Also apparently the Gorillaz band is officially dead now. As is STALKER 2. Truly we live in the end times.

The silver lining on the cloud is the developers for Stalker are working on some sort of free-to-play first person shooter MMORPG. Free to play mmo's are a dime a dozen these days and most of the ones with shooting mechanics are somewhat lackluster. If it can be as good as the DAY Z mod for Arma2 it should be good. All I can do is hope.

Anyway, I have cookies waiting for me in the kitchen.
Good day.

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