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Monday, July 04, 2005

That would be swell.

It's been a while since I've updated this blasted thing.
I apologize.
Actually, my apologies are rather irrelevant. It's been so long since the last update, chances are you have forgotten who I am. Chances are also high neither of us care.
But to put it simply: update time.

And no, this time I wont be waiting months to update again.
I didnt update because I'd forgotten this place. There were no updates because my life has changed rather alot since the last update.

For starters, I now have a regular job.
I work in a department store called "Target" where I put in grueling hours for 370 bucks every 2 weeks. It sucks out my soul, but it does give me time for reflection. Which is good. While I work, I think about how I can improve any and all projects that are in the process of being finished.

For those of you who like my Flash animations (<--- I kid myself), my current project is turning out nicely. So nicely, not even yet ANOTHER glitch in Flash will prevent me from finishing it. Basically the synopsis is this: In an odd morgue, in a rich city, the employees live out their day-to-day lives as usual until a coniving associate brings the dead back to life and a rampaging musical chicken takes advantage of the chaos.

Yeah, its weird. But it looks good so far. Most of the animation is pose-to-pose and frame-by-frame so I can get the spastic feel I've been looking for. So far it has worked. The tweens are only being used on backrounds and the talking vacuum characters who roll around on wheels.

I've been working very hard on this. My day-to-day schedule is usually me waking up, heading off to earn my bachelor's degree in computer animation, coming home, working on a cartoon, going to work, coming home very late and working on the cartoon some more into the wee hours of the morning.

But chances are you are tired of reading this and just want to see the damned thing.
And so, for you my blog viewers I am relishing (mmm...relish) my backrounds to you. Some are very simple, some are very complex. But they all follow one simple rule: I use as few colors as possible and multiple shades of 1 color. This has given the cartoon an odd look as the characters are mostly black and white.

Anyway, here are some samples:


Yes, it looks very dark. But only in appearance.
The humor is very old-school due to the fact that all the voices and dialogue are ripped from employee-training tapes from fastfood the 1960's.

Yes, it will be very weird indeed.
Keep an eye out for more updates sometime soon.



Discodoris said...

Hello Zekey, I am eagerly anticipating your cartoon. We would appear to have chosen the same format for blogs - how rare!
Lots of love and hugs xxxxx.

Lord Muffin of the Land of Eggy Goodness said...

That last bit there made me drool. I've been curiously awaiting answer to the question "how will the lizard solve the voice-problem".

The voice-over you supply has so far been adequate, but not much more (no offense. I fdigured that you would want to spare no expense with this one (not spoken in monetary terms).

Looking forward to it.

I was also pleasantly suprised to see an apparent lack of anything to do with London. Not that I am unsympathetic, it's just that I don't want to see what happened after 9/11 again.

After a week of watching the same images, I'd had enough. Yes, it tore me to pieces, but there is really no need to bottle-feed me with it.