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Monday, July 11, 2005

There's a hobo in my room!


Animation school classes started again today.
3dModelingI, StudioTechniquesIII, and something else.

I can already forsee what StudioTechniques will be: Me floundering about in Aftereffects wondering how the fuck I work this program and then crying with joy when something finally works.

3dModeling1 was today. And to say I am filled with glee would be an understatement. I have played in Maya before. I didnt know what I was doing but I managed to make a cube appear. But this was long ago. Today, in less than 15 minutes, the class knew enough to actually build a few things in 3d. I made a huge monstrous delivery truck and a detailed lounge room setting. We didnt add color, so it was all in grey tones, but I now realize why Maya has become such a popular program. It's got a brilliant interface. I hopped right in and made a freaky flower....thing.

In other slightly more important news, my Morgue cartoon will be done soon.

Oh! And director Chris Cunningham has completed yet another brilliant film with Aphex Twin. Chances are by now you've seen Rubber Johnny. I didnt even know what it was until I researched. When I first saw it I thought it was actual documented footage of a deformed child in some foreign country. After a very scary first few minutes, the techno (if we may classify AphexTwin as techno :S), starts and after snorting some cocaine, this deformed child in a wheel chair starts dancing insanely about in bodypopping fashion.
The nifty thing here is the child, Rubber Johnny, is a shape shifter and literally explodes his body about the room in an extremly anatomically realistic gorey and visually disturbing way that is sure to make you draw back and gape. I wont post any screen shots as even those are I fear frightening you off. But if you can stomach some bizarre artistic intestinal dancing, you will come away impressed and pleased you saw such a weird video to accompany such a great weird song. LINK There's a link. Enjoy?

I am currently thinking of sending my Prelude to Joy cartoon to Albinoblacksheep. But I'm going to replace the Snailtrix section as it blows the file size to monolithic proportions and looks like shit. Meh. I doubt they'll like it anyway.

Oh, and I made this thing:
drawn in Flash and colored in PaintShopPro8.

I showed it to some random people in a chatroom last night.
I think my favorite reaction was, " is that guy he looks like a joker"
I nearly cried.


And so here I sit. Making my morgue cartoon. Wondering how long until will have "The Rabbit of Seville" available for download, if ever.
Also, I now officially hate turning left at intersections.


Mike said...

Nice stuff zekey, tis i A$$Hatman.

Boyinabox said...

Wow, he is the joker. Tortoise indeed.

Aleksh said...

Cool drawing, or whatever it happens to be. Very creative. I'm Mike's friend by the way. Cheers.