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Thursday, March 02, 2006

I wish I had my friendship ointment.......


I figures since nowadays artists are putting drawings into their blogs, I should do the same.
So here's a couple of pictures. (haha, as if someone acually looks at this).

enjoy, nonexsistants.

Thats for a flash-based cartoon series I've been planning. I've been off-and-on on some of the concepts, and have a small chunk of the pilot done. Basically its about Thorg, a slightly askew robot genius, who is testing a theory to see if he gets the most out-of-place citizens of the city together, if they can break through the corporate framework and rule over the entire city. Unfortunately, the misfits he uses to accomplish this rarely get along and need bribery to cooperate with his schemes. The other main character is Melvin. He's a young businessperson, and new to town, who receives the wrong mail and winds up with Thorg's cohorts.

This next picture needs no intro:

I loved the character designs from the Powerpuff girls. everything was simple, colorful, iconic, and well animated.

In other news, Meteos is officially the greatest game ever created.

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MKN said...

Oo la la, awesome art man. :P