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Saturday, April 15, 2006

From the tiniest protozoan flatworm crawling on its belly in the lowlands.....LOOOWWWLAAAANDS

First, I'd like to say something.
Far too often these days, the majority of television cartoons seem to be perfectly alright with being referred to as "limited" animation. This term was coined during the great creation of all the original Hnna-barbera classics. It basically means "cheap" animation. And honestly, I cant stand the word. But its true, unfortunately. FAR too many cartoon shows these days seem to stay as still and bland as possible.

There are several new cartoons on the air which are so incredibly well-done, and well animated, that they are .....dare I say......cinematic quality.

Ed Edd n Eddy is one. Utilizing pretty much constant fluid action, and visual insanity, this show is a Tex-Avery-esque nutcase of a program that never recycles is jokes and is always fun to watch.

Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends. This show has pretty much anything you want in a cartoon. Its jam-packed with beautiful geometric design, action, and gorgeous animation. AND, its made in Flash and Adobe Aftereffects. Crazy.

Next is The Life and Times of Juniper Lee. This program is literally a colorful explosion of radiant trippy design and inconceivably smooth (and rather detailed) animation. Hopefully it will stay on the air for a long time.

Camp Lazlo. Far more laid back than the previous shows, but the creators are the team behind Rocko's Modern Life and SpongeBob. Funny, and great, as one would expect from such a talented team. Made in Flash.....I beleive.

Other news.
I finally put out my Horoscope cartoon. Yaaaaaay.
And it got onto the newgrounds frontpage for like a week. Yaaaaaay.
And it was #3 in the top 50 submissions. Yaaaaaaaaay.
And right now, I am working on Experiment11 and Sliver.

But until then, linkage to my Horoscope flash:


Actually, currently its dropped off the top 50.
Oh well.
Maybe it will eventually float back in again.
In other news, my life is falling apart, yaaaaaaay.

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