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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Fiberglass Monkeys are Nightmarish Things

Boy I need to update this more.
Ok, since last post I managed to get Your Horoscope for Today onto AlbinoBlackSheep! I am quite happy and proud of this. I'm still working at a department store job that I hate with unbound loathing.
I'm making Prelude to Joy 3 aka giant pile of random crap that pours from my head like a million pies.
Once again, I find myself stuck. My animation skills with the mouse have reached their limit, and honestly I feel burned out. Most people would take this is a hint to take a break from animation, kick back, and relax for a while. But I cant. I wont. Animation is one of the very short list of things which make me feel happy and not like a hunk of shit. i love watching it, making it....I just cant stand what I make most of the time.
stuff stuff stuff.
I joined I am going to publish my Dustbunnies comic book, and sell it hopefully in a few stores, as it is my dream. My sad pathetic dream that will never come true.
in less self-piteous news, I done maked a drawing.

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Red said...

You are amazing. I wish to one day be as a good of an artist as you. Really… Love the new Mass cartoon. Really you are something. I hope one day soon, somebody besides me will find you and help you show your art to the world. For what I am seen, it is great.