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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Great Success!

Well I learned today that my buddy Mentally Detached has made practically nothing from his albums despite my music videos to his songs. (I think most of my flashes are music vids to his songs nowadays).
So that sucks.
But I drew Borat.

I haven't made a good flash cartoon in like....forever.
I'm just dead in my brain. Little to no creative impulse to make anything.
I started a new cartoon today. Leave it to a song made by Mentally Detached to finally inspire me.
Well, that and watching a marathon the other night of horror films. Nasty ones, too. Hostel, Saw, Rijet, and others. I didn't sleep much but man I enjoyed it.

I wish my brain was more like TV's Kyle or Andrew Kauervane, or Jeremy Lokken. They just seem to come up with this endless stream of great gags and creative ideas. Maybe I should try to turn one of my comics into animation.

1 comment:

mental.torture said...

I'm sorry :(

By the way, I owe you 12 bucks.