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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Aint just whistlin' Dixie.

I fucking hate driving. I loathe it. Its the most shittily designed thing since the human knee.
There is NO fucking reason why I should have to drive in a massive circle for hours every day just to hope for the offchance that at some point during my loop, there will be a gap in the traffic wide enough to squeeze through and get into the parking lot.
I cant deposit my paychecks because of this shit.
Its ridiculous. The whole fucking roadway system is based on luck. Its no wonder there's so many god damn accidents. We only put traffic lights at intersections. Not on off-passes, turning lanes, acceleration lanes or anywhere where they are needed. Only at intersections to ensure the most inefficient system imaginable.

Its ridiculous that after driving in a straight line for 45 minutes on my way to work I have to then cross 3 lanes of neverending traffic to get into the parking lot. And that the system is timed so badly that the line of cars doesnt end for a good 10 minutes or so.

Its ridiculous that for 3 fucking days now I have been trying to deposit my tiny measly paychecks into the fucking bank next to the fucking walmart. But lo and behold there's only 2 entrances and they are both covered by a constant stream of cross-traffic.

Its fucking ridiculous that the turning lane just before my college has no traffic light for the turning lane. Its the kind where you just drive into the middle of the intersection at 100 miles an hour in the hopes you can get to the other turn lane before the traffic from the other side gets its green light and blocks you.

The whole system fucking sucks.
It's disgusting.

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mental.torture said...

I love you.