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Friday, December 15, 2006

My spoon is too big.

Today was my day off.
So I got some shit done today (rare occurrence).
I got my Paypal account rejuvenated, got my money from it into my bank, set up a google adsense account and customized my blog a bit.

I found a bunch of great old music videos from the good days of cartoon network on youtube. Jabberjaw, Josie and the Pussycats, Ed Edd n Eddy: Incredible Shrinking Day, My Best Friend Plank, etc etc.
It makes me sad to see them now. Other than Ed Edd n Eddy, all the classic Cartoon Cartoons are gone. Dexter's gone, Johnny Bravo's gone, Cow and Chicken, Powerpuffs, Courage, everything.

Being the lover of these I am, I've managed to track down the majority of the brilliant minds activities online. I think everyone likes to know what their heroes are doing during quiet times like this. Genndy's part of the Orphanage, McCracken is making Foster's, Feiss is on Billy and Mandy, Dilworth made a new film on his crazy website. I just dont know where Van Partible went. Maybe he went back to being an animation professor.

Adult Swim has been showing FlCl every night this week. I've been staying up til 5 am each night just to catch it. Wow and now Voltron is on. Man. FlCl is such a beautiful fucking show, and seeing Voltron, the thing I watched religiously as a kid, on tv again? Icing on the entertainment cake.

But its 5:30 am and I need to sleep.
If anyone is reading this, thanks for listening. Good night.

And have a picture:

I'm so happy with this image. If my portfolio ever stops sucking, it will be thanks to that picture.

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Michael Bellavia said...

neat character image.

happy christmas to you.
and some from Arnold Schwarzenegger