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Thursday, January 18, 2007


Pixar finally released the first image of their new film. No, not the one with the rats. Wall-E. God only knows what its about. But the first image they've released its very dark and gritty. A change of pace perhaps for Pixar? Who knows? I like the wee robot though. Reminds me of those robots that people build that fight each other in competitions.
This is being Directed by the guy who directed Finding Nemo, which was by far Pixar's most emotional and heart-wrenching film. So I gots big hopes this will be good.

Rocket magazine was talking about The Adventures of El Superbeasto which will be Rob Zombie's new movie. Rob's movies are always great. And from what I've been reading he's got some guys from Spumco and Spongebob animating it. If the first pics from the website are any clue, this will be an awesome adult cartoon. Please, god, please let this go to theaters. Wouldn't that be great? An adult animated film in theaters? One that people will actually go see!

Also, I drew an owl.
He is rather owly.
He wants you to GTFO.

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