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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Now. It is too late. This path you take. Dont want to be a memory.

Ironic. Or just a coincidence?
The day after I complete 2 important flashes. Sliver, a cartoon I started two years ago which was going to be my masterwork, and Meat Grinder which actually IS my masterwork; the day after I finish these, I am out of money.
My account balance is zero.
So here I am in the dark. Waiting for Monday to arrive so I can deposit my paycheck. But until then I get to sit here in the cold, hungry as hell, typing to whatever random person is visiting this pitiful little bowl of horse shit I call "art"
At least my money didn't run out before I finished my flash.

So thats about it. Back to square one. I hate my fucking job. So much.
But my car at least has a full tank of gas.

2:46 am.

Also I think I broke my foot yesterday. It made a rather nasty crunch sound and has been hurting very badly since then. Particularly when I walk and drive.
So I have been hiking. Which has been somewhat therapeutic.
Sitting underneath overpasses late at night with my friends chatting about stuff and listening to cars pass by overhead. is having a contest.
Top prize wins 25 grand.
I had these fantasies about using the money to buy myself a Cintiq tablet. But I've come to realize that even if I were funny (which I'm not) and had even a slight chance at winning (which I don't), the money would get eaten by my school and student loans. I'd still be in this hole.

But at least the computer is warm.
I think I'll go steal some oranges off of my neighbors tree.

It'd be improper of me to leave off this angry blog post without a drawing, so here's some crap I drew.

I am actually kinda pleased with this drawing.
I think I will make it my desktop backround.

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