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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

King Zarkon needs that Neumonian now!


I am bored when I'm not working on flash.
I mean...I got no projects I'm working on for once. Every thing's done and my 3 new toons were accepted well so yeah.

I am free of cartoons.


Yessiree bob.


What did I used to do before I discovered flash when I was bored?
Did I do anything? Sheesh.

Well either way, tonight me and my good chum Mike decided that we needed a new place for fooding it up.
So we stopped by a little Diner down near USF.
And its literally a Diner. Its even called "DINER" with a big red sign.
We stepped inside what looked to be a very small building, looking roughly as small as a Waffle House.

MUCH bigger on the inside. Beautiful place. 1940-50's esque Diner. Brown carpet floors. Tiled ceiling. Small booths. A bar. Hanging plants. Little ceramic statues. No annoying music playing. Just the sound of the grill.

A nice lady greeted us. Blonde, around 60 I'd say, white shirt with ruffles, and a red apron. She greeted Mike and I, we sat in a booth, she handed us Menus, ordered some root beer.
Wonderful stuff in the menu. Sandwiches, Burgers of all shapes and sizes, lots of breakfast dishes.
Mike being the neurotic creature he is, asked her what to recommend.

"The burgers. We have the best burgers in Tampa."

So I ordered a half-pound cheeseburger with mushrooms and fries. Classic meal thats lost its zest due to fast food reptitiveness.
But it can still be good.
And man, was she ever right. The burger was not served on a bun, but instead on an oval roll. Like a hoagie, but soft and salty. 2 burger patties were placed side-by-side with a healthy heap of fresh sliced mushrooms and cheddar cheese melted on top. A little bit of mayonnaise spread on the top bread, and a few light squirts of ketchup.
Good glory, it was delicious. I had watched her prepare the veggies. Fresh EXTREMLY RED tomatoes, fresh onion, lettuce and fries.
And then she recommended a slice of the carrot cake I had been eying since we'd walked in. It had been baked that day. Which was obvious because it was warm with cold custard frosting and DAMN was it good.
And this place is open 24 hours a day.

Oh yes.
Me and Mike have definitely found a new place to food it up.

As you might have guessed, I am in a good mood.
I FINALLY got my money problems solved temporarily. Got my checks deposited. Sitting on roughly 1000 bucks which should last me for quite a bit.

Anywho. I am off. Lol noone reads these. :I


Tkd 11-14-02 said...

So when are you going to get a new flash out? and can you mail me a burger?

Sacred Secret said...

Hey I found your blog through ABS! Your toons are awesome but kind of creepy. I like them. My blog is't as cool.

Sacred Secret

JennieC said...

Hey... can you tell me where this diner place is??? I will be going to Tampa tomorrow from Fort Myers... We're going to be at the Tampa Convention Center. WE LOVE BURGERS!!! We're looking for THE BEST BURGER place and THE BEST ICE CREAM place. The other burger place I've heard of is El Cap??? Do you know about that?? Please let me know any info you have on Burger and/or Ice Cream. You're awesome! Your toons are cool too!! Thanks a lot!!!!