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Sunday, January 28, 2007

You drive a crooked hoss.

How many acres, how much light
Tucked in the woods and out of sight
Talk to the neighbours and tip my cap
On a little road barely on the map
- Mushaboom by Feist

Story time! Story time! Yay!!!!!!1

Last night at ohhhhh about 1:30, me and my good pals Mike and Raphael (whom we call Ese) parked behind the Beach Gameland Arcade in Clearwater, Florida.
Seeing as its only about 45 minutes away from Tampa, we frequent it often.
So Mike parks his car. We head to the arcade. But guess what? Its closed. They close earlier now (for no discernible reason). So we head over to the beach. Now there is currently a cold front here. Its very cold and rainy. We hang out on the beach and at the big hotel called "Shepards" or something.
We head back to the parking lot.
And the car is gone.
We looks around. Nothing.
Turns out some towing company (Kowatski's Towing or some shit) had towed Micheal's car DESPITE it not being parked illegally. We got this info from the cops because Kowatski's didn't answer their phone any of the 13+ times we called them.
5 miles and a couple of hours of wandering in Pinellas, over the enormous bridge to Clearwater, in the freezing rain, looking for these people, we finally find them. Asleep. Inside their fucking Tow Truck.
150 bucks. 100 for the Towing fee and 50 dollars in complete bullshit charges.
And of course, they dont take debit or credit. So now we need to find an ATM machine. Raphael and I were too tired by this point to argue with these people so we just sat on the ground freezing and panting and Micheal followed one of the Tow Truck guy's vague instructions to the nearest ATM machine.
20 minutes later, Micheal has yet to return. And of course, the ATM was out of money. So he had to wander around town asking hobos for instructions on where there were ATM machines.
Finally the Tow Truck guy drove off to find Mike, they went to an ATM, Mike handed him 150 bucks (which is a bit more than half of the total amount we get on our measly Blockbuster paychecks), we got into the vehicle, and drove off.


Oh yeah.

And someone commented (a rare occurrence) in my last post thing here about the Diner I described in my last post.

Here is how you get there.
Get on Dale Mabry highway, and head towards the Stadium that the Bucs play in. You will pass the Diner on your right. There is a huge red neon sign that says "DINER" and the place itself is slightly past the sign. Its called Pop and Sons.
I might go there later tonight for some fewd.
Deeeeleeeecious feeeewwwwwd.

and I made a mushroom painting.


Abe said...

You are one my favorite flash movie (and other crap :P) makers!!!!!!!1!1!
Squaresville is great.... I like your dark stuff and the music goes so well with what theme you have... *sigh* You are cool. "end quote"

Poach said...

I am claiming to be one of your biggest fans. My cousin happens to be an established artist on deviantart. I don't know if youve ever heard abou slimaq. That's him. Please, please have a heart- view his stuff- and my blog, too. It's I would love a comment from one of the most famous flash artists on

Poach said...

I forgot to tell you that I LOVED the pieces you did for Weird Al's "Your Horoscope for Today" and Patrick and Eugene's "Birds and the Bees"-PHENOMINAL! And I don't understand why you don't get very many comments. It's a crying shame, really. "Pancakes" was good too.

ZSL said...