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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Just think of them as tiny horses.

Time to do the taxes.

I hope my check from the Government is larger than usual.

I could reeaaaalllllyyyy use it rather badly.

Also, I have rediscovered the frustrating fun that is I-sketch.
Its best when playing with a group of old buddies as opposed to random folk you dont know, I've found.

For those unknowing, is a lovely internet game. Like a lan-party game of Pictionary.

It runs all in Shockwave (flash's bigger less-used brother) and is really very fun.

Robot ghosts.

There's quite a few free online games out there. Hundreds, in fact. The majority of them are boring "Root Beer Tap" or "Bust-A-Move" type games that hold little interest for me.
But there are some fantastic ones out there as well.
Soldat, Linerider, Pocket Tanks, Falling Sand Game, Samorost I and II, Drakojan Skies, and a few others.
All good fun.
There was even a game alot like Worms that featured cute little chibi people riding tanks, animals, and all sorts of stuff making turn-based attacks on each other. I can barely remember what its called anymore, but boy was it fun.

Rumors are surfacing that Wal-E might be dialogue-free.
That'd be fascinating. Like how Triplets of Belleville was dialogue-free.
Either way, we wont know until the movie is done in 2008+

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