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Monday, March 19, 2007

With every fiber of my being.

Billy and Mandy will be coming to an end soon. It's had a very tumultuous life, going through a quite a few character redesigns, and Cartoon Network trying to cancel everything decent.

One of those few shows were only a tiny few episodes weren't great, with the majority being quite funny and, oddly, witty.
It began as a 2-part show called Grim and Evil which most people remember. Even though Hector con Carne no longer has his own show (which was a freaking great show) he still managed to show up in Billy and Mandy quite often.

And my personal favorite character, the seething and loathsome General Skarr, even became a regular character on Billy and Mandy.

But all that is ending in the next few weeks as the last few new episodes will air on Cartoon Network and the movies premier on TV (and hopefully make it to DVD).

I know one of the fellows behind the show has a new cartoon show premiering called "Chowder" which looks, thus far, odd and silly, which is what TV needs more of. But will it be as good as Billy and Mandy or Cow and Chicken? Or will it be a completely different offering that cant be compared to either of the aforementioned programs?

But, being a long-time fan of the show, I felt I should express my "wuv"

also, Skarr:

There's a pie in the SKY
And it makes me wonder....WHY,
It's floating up in the air
In a spaceship piloted by a bear.

On another note, that new 3d-animated anime transformers show is on and good god does it suck. :C

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RedMongoose said...

general skarr will own the world someday