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Thursday, March 22, 2007

People are bugging me about my new project, so I am gonna throw a bone.

My new tweentastic flash-animated pile o' crap is about 70% done.

So here's some screenshots.

If I can quickly animate a couple of skits every couple of days, I should have this thing done soon hopefully and not looking too shabby.

They're going to start taking entries soon. So its imperative I get this done.
I'm beginning to think I might actually have a chance.

And then I drew this wee elephant....thing.
He has nothing to do with the cartoon. He's just a random drawing I made in a couple of minutes. I think I'll make a little series of toylike animals with little soft cube bodies.

As you can see I'm moving out of my recent "everything is dark, violent, and gorey" mode and going back to a happier colorful time.

I have tomorrow off work. So perhaps I can get one of the most difficult bits of animation done tomorrow and then its smooth sailing.

The loan company for my college called me the other day. Nothing good came of that. I am really quite in debt. Maybe I should trade stocks. :/


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