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Saturday, April 14, 2007

I know size can be daunting, but do not be afraid. I LOVE YOU.

Man what a week of ups and downs.

Lets start with the ups.

- Saw Meet the Robinsons by Disney. It was freaking great. I can understand it probably not being everyone's cup of tea due to its very silly and fast-paced nature, but man oh man did I enjoy it. Hilarious gags, gorgeous computer animation, a wiggy plot, and its been a long times since I've seen a movie that was literally OVERFLOWING with creativity. Best thing I think Disney has made since Lilo and Stitch.

- Saw THE GRINDHOUSE. A movie everyone should see. Gory, shocking, loud, violent and sexy. Few films can have a perfect balance of those elements. But this movie delivered. Rodriguez movie was the perfect campy shoot-em-up homage to horror/gory scifi zombie flicks containing some of nastiest, grossest and most hilarious zombies to grace the movie screen. Getting to see Tarantino as a hideous zombie with dripping testicles get blown backwards through a door was a beautiful experience. Quentin Tarentino's movie was a dark, creepy and very grabs-you-by-the-nuts sociopath flick. Best thing I think Kurt Russel has ever been in. THANKSGIVING.

- Saw the Aqua Teen movie. Wtf lol.

- Finished my cartoon for the ILaugh Shortfest contest.

- FatKat animation are actually interested in me. Oh what an opportunity this could be. Gene is a very nice chap.



- Had to wipe my ass with "nature" while hiking. I wont go into it, but lets just say, I feel sorry for anyone walking over that spot. Or near it for that matter.

- Found out Ed Edd n Eddy is getting canceled. So dies one of the last shows of quality on cartoon network. This show outlasted all of the other Cartoon Cartoons.

- Got banned off of DeviantArt. Apparently DeviantArt supports bestiality, and speaking against it is a bannable offense. Heaven forbid people fight against sick fucks who rape their pets.

- Found out that the Ilaugh short film festival doesn't except .SWF's. Why? I dont know. Every other file that has ever existed since the creation of computers is accepted. But a website that promotes flash cartoons does not accept flash files. THEN, in the process of trying to upload the .SWF, Firefox crashed. Then my PC crashed. Now I cant upload anything to the internet without the PC freezing. Flash no longer works now. So not only did I spend like a month of spare time making this cartoon, but it has now broken my computer and ruined my ability to make cartoons in the first place. Couple this with the fact that I emailed them the flash, and they probably will disqualify me since of course I cant buy a new PC, has completely shattered my soul. So there goes any chance of winning anything, and now I am stuck again with nothing to show for my work. The words "enraged" "despair" and "destroyed" don't come anywhere near close to how I feel right now. I suppose if they dont accept my entry I'll just have to get it onto AlbinoBlackSheep somehow and smile and pretend nothing is wrong.

Luckily I only have a 4 to 10 shift tomorrow which means I can talk to Gene from FatKat studios again.

And hey, I found the uncut DVD of "Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker"
The uncut version featuring Joker getting impaled and other differences. 6 dollars at Walgreens. Can yah believe it?

Well, time to go to bed.


R. Wappin said...

Whoa now Zekey, don't give up on this ILaugh thing just yet. The website says you don't have to have the submission in until May 1st, and unless the flash file itself is corrupted, (which from what I can gather, it's not, just your computer,) there has to be a way to get it there somehow. Can't you take the file to a library or friend's computer or something? I guess it would have to have flash installed on it, so you could export the movie from the .fla in the correct format, but if there's any way to do so DO IT.

You made the fucking cartoon. It's bullcrap if you miss this opportunity just because you couldn't get the file from your computer to the website in the correct format.

Haroshi said...

It's great to hear that FatKat are interested in you, hope all goes well there ;)

I swear Deviant art and Sheezy art are corrupt; first you getting banned unfairly then what happened to rtil on Sheezy. It's just idiotic.

That Ilaugh problem must be a real pain, you could try what 'r.wappin' said, and upload from a friends computer. And I guess you could turn all the movieclips into graphics, then export it as a movie file; or use some kind of screen capture program.

Anonymous said...


^^ google search it.

I was also banned on devart for the absuing poeticirony, although I saw it coming and used an alt.