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Monday, April 16, 2007

I wanna be the very best. That noone ever was.

Guess who finally fixed their PC after like 4 days of it not working?


And flash is finally working again as well!

AND Ilaugh accepted my entry! Hooray!!!!

What a wonderful beginning to the week.

And I'm already working on a new cartoon. Its very silly.

I shoulda drawn fanart of these guys a long time ago. I dont care what anyone says, I love this silly low-budget show.

A backround for the new cartoon I am working on.
It has no title yet, unfortunately.

Thats another one.

And now, for no reason at all....


The new cartoon I am working on is a odd new thing using two new songs by my friend Spencer a.k.a. Mentally Detached who has done most of the music I use in my cartoons.

He opened up a new website not long ago and I havent whored it here yet.

Check it out. A new short tune every week.

Time to check and see if Homestar has updated itself this week.

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Haroshi said...

Everything is well again in Zekeyville :D