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Monday, April 23, 2007

I wanna be the very best, that noone ever was!

The new pokemon launched this week. Apparently it's good. I'd love to snag a copy, but I'm sure all the stores will be sold out for a long time. That and someone stole my debit card.
Currently I am watching the pokemon cartoon show. I see it still remains silly as ever. And the animation has gotten alot better and sillier. Something that doesn't happen often, especially with long-running cartoon shows. Heh, it still has a funny westernized script.

Anyway, enough of that.

Here's a background I made for the cartoon I've been working on. I must say I am actually, dare I say, proud of how nice it looks thus far.



Sparkpro said...

Strange I would think that you would be the last person to watch that pokemon anime... well not the last...If I had a list of people I least expected to watch pokemon, you would be in the top 50.

Anyway, I just saw your cartoon on ilaugh and I thought it was great. I hope what that jared cicon guy said about your voice acting doesn't hurt your chances at winning. The cartoon is better than most of that stuff on that site anyway, but this is coming from someone who has never done anything in animation at I guess my opinion is irrelevant. (sigh)

Just wanted to let you know I'm one of those people that's bored enough to read this blog.

ZSL said...

That "jared cicon" guy seems to be giving unanimously bad reviews to everything. I stopped listening to him after he wrote "had she shaved her legs I'd nominate it for an oscar"