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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Don't you want to feel my bones?

My friend Mike (Nim%) managed to score tickets to the Killers concert happening today at the Sun Dome at USF.

So we shall be attending that today.

I also painted this:

cute eh? He has no arms. And runs extremely fast to avoid danger.

This little bloke is for a cartoon I have just started working on utilizing two new songs by my good friend Mentally Detached.

I will probably post a preview up at some point or more screenshots later so watch this space (those who care).
It's going to be more along the lines of the experimental flash cartoons I usually do except this one has somewhat of a silly story to tell.

I managed to find my most favorite music video on youtube today. "At a Glance"

A beautiful song and a beautiful music video.

Okay I am back home.
Great concert. I really do like the Killers. They put actual melodies to their rock instead of just slapping some beats together and whining into a microphone like most popular "musicians" these days do.
They're like an american Franz Ferdinand.

Unfortunately Mike and I were as far from the stage as possible. Beyond nosebleed seats.

But we managed to sneak close enough to hear their hits near the end, so all in all it was very awesome.

So I am sitting here, listening to "Hamburger Lady" by Throbbing Gristle (weird old industrial band), and thinking "Oh I have forgotten something"


Screenshots of my upcoming tweentastic dump of animation eye rape.


And here's some more.

Currently there is cuntastic show on Cartoon Network. It's like Pokemon with bikes. Starring a hyperactive little kid and his bike that he calls Flame Kaiser. The entire show seems to be little than an attempt to get some new catchphrases going. The kid even shouts orders to his bike as if he somehow DOESNT CONTROL IT with his DAMNED FEET. And the bad guy is some colorful spikey-haired peice of crap with a voice like an evil Fonzie.

Why do they air this shit and then cancel Ed Edd n Eddy? Has the network lost it's mind?

Oh wait......Re-Animated.


bug said...

hey zekey

that purple head character looks great. this looks like itll be a fun cartoon =]

Pinao212 said...

In your cartoon, is the main character based off of the painting you made?