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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Saving the world before bedtime!

Man I miss this show.
Get this on DVD already, Cartoon Network. Strike while the iron is hot.

This pic accompanies my vector Mojo Jojo I made a year ago.

I am quite pleased with the result.

One of these days I gotta try to make a cool Dexter's Lab fanart piece.

In other news, Newgrounds is having a little art contest to see who can come up with a cool Cereal Box idea.
So here's the ones I made.
As you can see here, I drew this dude's hand completely backwards and didnt go back to fix it because I honestly didn't care nearly enough to do so. Lawl.

And this one is NSFW....technically. I mean lets just say its milk.

Yeah. Milk.

I watched Metropolis last night. Damn it was good. Long though, and slow. But what a tale. And it WAS slightly based on the 1927 Fritz Lang film. Beautiful animation and a great homage to Tezuka's memory. Now I just need to watch Steamboy and Mindgame.

Voltron is on. Anyone miss G-Force? That show kicked ass.

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Stevie said...

Very nice art. Good job.