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Sunday, April 01, 2007

If only we were all weiner-dogs our problems would be solved.


Yes! Yes! YES! Man I've been waiting for a new trailer for a while! Good god, the rendering is gorgeous. And Brad Bird is clearly the voice of the "bad guy" in the film. The short cat-like cook/manager guy. The crowd scene at the beginning of the trailer made me go :O
I paused it just to see how much stuff was going on at once. Such lovely stylized animation. Can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait.

SAW just came on the SciFi network. I am shocked they managed to only cut out the swear words and none of the violence. I mean these are the people who made FRANKENFISH for Pete's sake.
I do love the SAW movies though. A guilty pleasure. Grotesque gore with action and often brilliant storytelling. How the filmmakers have managed to make all three movies tie together so well is an incredible feat on itself. I hope Saw IV is as good as the last three. The fact that only one guy is left and has to escape Jigsaw's little House of Horrors is open for some brilliant things if done right. Will it be done right? Considering their track record I think so.

The banana on the left is saying "giddy gumdrops! what a day!"
The one on the right is making some shrieking guttural gargling noise.

And here you can see the Farny Fnarf going on a walk to survey the countryside.

I'm quite proud of how the rocks turned out.


......your children...

Some leaves I scribbled.

And finally, a wee simplistic girl.

I rented Steamboy and Metropolis tonight.
Haven't seen either. I've been meaning to catch up on all the big epic japanese animation movies I've been missing. And now I can.
Tonight I shall watch Metropolis.


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Anonymous said...

Wow, nice drawings. Very nice. Farny Fnarf. I can totally relate to that guy.

Have you ever played 'Gazillionaire'? It's an old computer game, your doodles reminded me of the game's art. Especially the weird alien guys you'd meet between planets.