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Monday, May 21, 2007's about time.

Oh man oh man.

Starcraft 2.

Freaking finally. Having watched the gameplay vids, I am already in love with the new giant Sandworm creatures for the Zergs that barfs out Zerglings.

The Zerg was always my favorite race. So grotesque and disgusting. Like termites, roadkill, and H.R.Geiger all got combined into some sort of species. That, and nothing can kill a well-placed army of lurkers, and spore colonies. Bwahaha.

The Zerg I drew up there is kind of a combo of all the different Zergling designs I've seen. Seeing as everyone (even at Blizzard) has their own way of drawing them.

Can't wait for this game. I hope the rumors I heard about a starcraft for the DS are true as well. Anyway, flarnt.


It's 6 AM and I just finished this:

I have finally found a digital painting technique that I like.


Haroshi said...

Oh man, that Zerg is crazy.

Love the other drawing too.

Newshape said...

those sure are swell ;)

Anonymous said...

Great Job :)

- Snubby