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Monday, May 14, 2007

How's the pie? .........SO good.

As I sit here working on my cartoon, suddenly I heard the sweet gurgley noises of a song I have heard before. I stopped and looked up. Apparently Cartoon Network have a new pokemon based on Diamond and Pearl coming out. Noone cares by this point, but hey, here's the cool part, in the promo they used a song by Mr.Scruff
I have a link to Mr.Scruff's website on the left. I was first turned onto this musical artist via a link on a website I frequent. I fell in love with the whole thing. The music, the comics, and the little bean characters he has rummaging about the website. So I saw it fit to snag as many of his albums and singles as I could.
There's no way of describing his music. But each song he's made is very fun.

Speaking of music, Mentally Detached, my partner in crime without whom I probably wouldn't have produced half the cartoons I've made, he has almost finished the creation of his new album.
Having heard every track, I can safely say it's his most professional work yet. He remains fiercely independent, making the CD's himself.
Also, I have made some little oddball art pieces which I think he's going to put somewhere in the album booklet.

As soon as the album is ready for purchase, I shall whore it all over this blog, and if you enjoy electronic music at all, will give it a look-see. A LOOK SEE I SAY. >:C

In other news, as I have been permanently banned from DeviantArt or as I like to call it "Shitty Anime Fanart Warehouse" I am gonna put some of my old best pieces up here.

That was my desktop for a while. I enjoy making my own desktop backrounds.

Anyway, continuing on:



PowerRangerYELLOW said...

I'll check out that music you told me about.

I'll keep you posted on what i think.

as for being banned forever from devart.

well thats too bad but you were too good for those anime tracers by far.

peace out.


Anonymous said...

Hey, just found your journal off of Cartoon Brew. Lovely work!

Adam Ant said...

Top notch stuff Zekey :)

sparkpro said...

Well zekey, if I may be so bold to ask, what were you trying to prove by telling poeticirony off anyway? Usually people like that aren't going to change because of what one person said, also it looks poeticirony has been baned as well so you just wasted a DA account. Don't misunderstand, what DA did was wrong in banning you especially if they were going to ban poeticirony anyway.

Another example would be when I stumbled upon a foamy fan club site on DA and saw how you got into and argument with the members. Again, what were you doing there? Looking for a fight or educating the masses? Really, the whole thing makes it look like a way for someone to stroke their ego to me.

Don't take this the wrong way I'm just making an observation. Perhaps you should take in consideration whether or not these endeavors of yours will just be a waste of breath (or keys in this instance) with the only result being something similar to your banishment on DA.

Also seeing as how you described DA as "Shitty Anime Fanart Warehouse" I guess it's safe to say you won't be joining Sheezy Art any time soon.

Well keep up the good work.

PowerRangerYELLOW said...

hey sparkpro,I don't think i can see bothering with sheezy art either since it's dev art's son.

ZSL said...

I went after poetic irony because I found it disgusting. I have no problem with people expressing their bizarre fetishes via art, strange as they may be. But actually following through with it is something else entirely. A horrible example would be if you saw a old woman kicking a baby through the street. You either decide to sit back and laugh at the baby's plight, or help the thing by possibly giving it a helmet and elbow pads and perhaps a tattoo so he looks like some extreme sports vet. I felt I should say something and I did. And I got "teh pwned"
Of course, the internet is a different animal entirely but you get my point.

The "Foamy" club bugged me first via a stupid advertisement they sent me via PM. I think they sent these "invitations" to a few people. Some silly chain-letter nonsense aka email spam. They seemed to want my input, so I gladly gave it to them.