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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Wax Crayon illuminati

Hello and welcome to Ye Oldde Blogge where everything is made up and the points don't matter. That's right, they don't matter. Just like (insert pun here) (audience laughs).

Hey I'm your host Nathan, so let's start things off with a little game called Scenes from a Sketchbook.

So I went to Navarre, Florida to visit my cousins. It's up near Pensacola. A 7 hour drive there and back. Weirdest place I ever did see. Basically an island of pearly white sand out in the middle of the ocean, covered in mansions on wiggly stilts (that once were the foundations of houses, now gone due to hurricanes).

My aunt and uncle and thee cousins were there. And so we all hung out for a couple of days. Talking about things, watching movies and driving around etc etc. At one point my brother, H.J., and Ivanna were sitting on the beach, so I decided to sketch them.

Very quick sketch. Hence the scribbliness.

So, after hanging with them, we headed back to town. First night I'm back, my friend Mike showed up at my house. And he brought with himself, Raphael and Michelle.

And we proceeded to go fishing.
Fishing in Clearwater however only warranted many a catfish that night. SO MANY A CATFISH. Catfish whom I then sketched.

The catfish were then flopped back into the ocean.

So as Mike and Raphael fished, and Michelle relaxed on rocks, I decided to sketch them all. Speed sketches taking roughly a minute to do.
Here is Raphael staring into the ocean wondering why he hasn't caught anything in the last two fishing trips.

Here is Michelle sitting calmly on the rocks as sea rats scuttled about our feets.

And here is Micheal, shrieking obscenities as he gets his fishing line stuck on a rock again and the catfish openly mock him.

And that's basically what I've been up to since my last blog entry.

And now to upload some art I actually spent some time on.
Just some desktop backrounds. Some sort of ghosty face coming out of a wall or summat. I don't know half the shit I draw anymore. I just do it.

On the road trip I also played an unnatural amount of pokemon. My brain. IT BOILS.
I wish Locust Toybox would make more music. :C

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Sparkpro said...

A shiny new background, cool.

Those sketches only took about a minute to draw? Pretty amazing.