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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Hes got a watch with a minute hand, millenium hand and an eon hand

I gotta say, I'm not too big a fan of the internet becoming mainstream. I mean, yeah it's good for artists because it gives us a bigger audience, but it's bad for everything else. Seeing billboards with "LOL" in huge text on them. Hearing about infamous chan websites being talked about on Bill O Reilly. Companies buying and copying every dang good small website to make a quick buck.

Look at Youtube. In the beginning all Youtube was about was silly bits of media. Silly things people recorded at home. And clips of movies and cartoons noone had seen in decades. It got popular. And then the goons of Myspace found it. It grew way-too-popular. Companies started threatening to sue Youtube for broadcasting media they didn't have the balls to offer to the public anymore themselves because they're so damn cheap. And then BAM, google buys Youtube. And from that point on all Youtube became about was annoying people with boring webcams gabbling about shit noone cares about, and small production companies uploading occasionally funny shows.
Now it's a pathetic shadow of its former self. I miss the days when one could find hilariously gross porn on there. Where I could watch Tiny Toons again. Now the only show on there worth watching is WILL IT BLEND. Of course, there's a few individuals on there who DO deliver wondrous comedy to the website still. Chocolate Rain. And this lovely gem:

God I love that. Bless you Liam. For being one of the few entertaining people left on Youtube.

But enough of that slop.

Cartoon update.
Some more screenshots of my progress.

That four-armed guy was very hard to animate.
In a couple of days, I am going to make a little music flash player for this blog. So that lovely music will play when you enter. Cool eh? I think it should be quite simple to do.


Anonymous said...

Looks like one hell of a cartoon.

bug said...

no dont put music on the page this isnt a geocities site from the 90s!!!

David said...

"Arab and Israeli conflict muffins". That's just incredible. I can't wait for the cartoon, it looks great!

Sparkpro said...

If you ask me Youtube only follows those copyrighted laws when they feel like it, like how those shitty AMVs stay on there while anything good with copyrighted material thats been edited gets removed, not to mention there are still full episodes of various shows on there.